BHRT Training Academy: An Interview with Ms. Donna White

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Donna White turned her nightmarish battle with severe PMS symptoms into a thriving business helping medical practitioners learn to alleviate similar ailments for patients with hormone imbalances. Determined to help...

Donna White turned her nightmarish battle with severe PMS symptoms into a thriving business helping medical practitioners learn to alleviate similar ailments for patients with hormone imbalances. Determined to help herself, she undertook years of research and found a highly effective solution—bioidentical hormones. She then refocused her determination to bring this solution to others.

“I have spent the past 25 years sharing the powerful, life-changing effects of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with practitioners and women across the U.S. and Canada,” she said. 

She founded a training business, the BHRT Training Academy, to help conquer PMS, perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms through this remarkable treatment modality. 

Every woman deserves to live free from symptoms related to hormone imbalance, such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, weight gain, hot flashes, low sex drive and more,” she said. 


Ms. Donna White


White opened BHRT Training Academy in 2019. 

“I am a recovered hormonal train wreck,” she stated on her website. “About 28 years ago, I had a severe case of PMS. I know what it’s like to suffer with symptoms. That’s why I got into the field of BHRT, to get the help I needed,” she explained.

 White did not want to take synthetic medications, so she dove into an extensive research project on her own. 

“I was looking to find the underlying cause and correct it. I figured out that my symptoms were hormone-related because they were tied to my monthly cycle. I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin, which had acne. I was very irritable at that time of the month,” she shared.

When she started researching nearly 30 years ago, there wasn’t much information to be found other than a few books and articles, but her knowledge base gradually grew. 

“Now there’s a lot of information available, including much information online. But unfortunately, there’s a lot of conflicting and confusing information, which is why I think education is critical. And that’s why I’m very passionate about bringing education to medical providers,” she explained.

White has published several eBooks and training manuals, appeared on radio and television, hosted three radio shows, produced training videos and podcasts, written blogs and spoken at medical conferences, business organizations, women’s groups and churches. 


What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?



The endocrine system produces hormones that regulate growth, reproduction, metabolism and other body processes. Even a minor change in hormone levels can create chaos and require medical help. As the body ages, hormone levels decrease, causing hormone imbalances with symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain and mood swings. Daily life becomes difficult. 

“Each hormone must connect with a corresponding, uniquely shaped hormone receptor. The hormone fits perfectly into that receptor like a key fitting into a lock,” she explained.


Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are synthesized from plants, and whose structure is identical to what your body produces.

“Your body can’t tell the difference,” White explained. “It fits the receptor. However, non-bioidentical hormones, such as most forms of conventional hormone replacement or birth control pills, have a different molecular shape. It’s like trying to put the wrong key into a lock. It doesn’t fit perfectly, so it does not have the same effect.”

After decades of study, White believes bioidentical hormones to be a more effective way to manage hormone balance, and they are not new. 

“Bioidentical hormones were first synthesized in labs back in 1943. They have been used in Europe for 60 plus years,” she added.

Bioidentical hormones can be delivered in various forms, such as pills, subcutaneous pellets, patches, creams, injections and gels. 


BHRT Training Academy


The Market for BHRT 

In the U.S., the BHRT industry saw growth beginning in the early 1990s, joining the decades of use in Europe. White expects the global market to expand by about 50% between 2018 and 2026.

“A lot of practitioners are interested in providing solutions to their patients with hormone imbalance and conditions associated with hormone imbalance. Unfortunately, there is also a tremendous patient demand for this modality and not enough practitioners trained for it,” she explained.


The BHRT Training Academy

White’s online training program gives providers the knowledge to effectively treat patients with hormone imbalances. Practitioners attend online lessons at their own pace and meet with experienced mentors. They have lifetime access to educational materials, resources and tools, and they learn all dosing forms for male and female patients. 

“I started facilitating practitioner training 25-plus years ago because of the demand of providers who wanted to learn this. But, because there’s only one me, I couldn’t effectively help as many as I wanted to unless I took this training online. So, we developed the BHRT Training Academy three years ago to make it available to practitioners across the country and internationally,” she shared.

The online program provides the flexibility and thorough coverage a typical weekend conference cannot provide. The program offers more than 40 hours of training from world leaders in the field of hormone therapy such as Dr. Deborah Matthew, Dr. Lindsay Berkson, Dr. Tabatha Barber and many more.

“I wanted to make sure our providers feel very equipped. We teach not just sex hormones but all hormones—adrenal, thyroid and insulin, for example. They have a powerful interplay, so providers must understand how these hormones relate together,” she explained.

White and her team created a comprehensive care model for the providers: 

  • What do you do on the first visit? 
  • How often do you see these patients? 
  • How often do you test them? What do you charge? 

They wanted to make it seamless so that patients get the best possible outcomes. 

“We mentor the providers going through our program. We have a regular weekly case review Zoom call. It’s a community, so our providers are not alone,” she said. 


BHRT Changes Lives


“I love the impact patients experience when you help them sleep through the night, get their sex drive back or get their energy back. You change their ability to function professionally or in their relationships,” White shared.

She points out that BHRT can help prevent diseases or conditions associated with the age-induced reduction of hormones, such as bone loss or cognitive decline. 

BHRT also helps providers’ practices grow as it becomes more popular. 

“It’s a profitable modality for practitioners, and it improves patients’ lives. What better combination is there than that,” she concluded.

Gaye Newton

Gaye Newton