Dr. Raquel Zita Gomes

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Dr. Gomes was born in the beautiful country of Portugal, growing up in the city of Porto. She studied at a Catholic school before going to the Faculty of Dental...

Dr. Gomes was born in the beautiful country of Portugal, growing up in the city of Porto. She studied at a Catholic school before going to the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the University of Porto (FMDUP) to pursue her dental medical degree. She graduated in 2002. From there, she went on to study Implantology in Sweden at Branemark Institute and Maxillofacial hospital in Vasteras. In the course of years between 2003 and 2007, Dr. Gomes completed a specialization course and her Master’s degree in Implantology before receiving her Ph.D. of Dental Medicine in 2018 from FMDUP. She has been a certified Oral Surgeon with a specialization in oral surgery by the Portuguese Dental Medical Association since 2017. 

When asked where she sees the dental industry going in the next 5 years, Dr. Gomes said, “The dental industry is growing amazingly fast, becoming more specialized, more digitized, and more female.” 

She recommends that for dentists to be better prepared for the future, they should be focusing on specialized education, learning to work as a team, and transitioning to a more digital-savvy practice. In her own practice, Dr. Gomes’ is striving to do this by bringing about next-level care through top-notch equipment, a very specialized team, and investments into advanced techniques. Her objective in this is to not only captivate national patients but international ones as well. 

In 2020, Dr. Gomes was nominated as one of the Top 100 Doctors in the world by Global Summits. Following that, she became a part of the Board of Regents for the Global Summits Institute, which reached more than 2.2 million peers worldwide, educating them in Dentistry and business during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. This Doctor-To-Doctor movement, says Dr. Gomes, gave her a big projection as a person and as a professional. 

“[Doctor-To-Doctor] is a way to connect with doctors from all around the world, opening opportunities for global collaboration in many education programs and to make friends from different corners of the world.” 

In her continued pursuit of being better than the day before, Dr. Gomes wants to learn more and dominate in the advanced oral/maxillo-facial surgery technique industry. She wants to invest in her dream clinic and education center in addition to reaching a total of 50 countries in which she has spoken. For now, she has already had the pleasure of speaking in 30 countries. 

When she is not practicing dentistry, Dr. Gomes loves spending time with her family, playing with her daughter, teaching, and motivating her students and colleagues. She enjoys staying involved in the arts as she dances, does yoga, and goes to the cinema. You can learn more about her here

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