Innovating Eyelid and Facial Rejuvenation: An Interview with Dr. Adam Scheiner

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When Dr. Adam Scheiner chose cosmetic surgery for his life’s work, it was the face’s power to communicate that most inspired him. “That really sent me on my path. I...

When Dr. Adam Scheiner chose cosmetic surgery for his life’s work, it was the face’s power to communicate that most inspired him. “That really sent me on my path. I thought the face, in particular the eyes, was really the area from which we communicate. It’s so powerful for people when they look their best, so that’s where I wanted to specialize.”


Fortunate to have trained under Dr. Sterling Baker, the pioneer of Laser Eyelid Surgery, Dr. Scheiner completed his fellowship in Oculoplastic and Laser Facial Aesthetic Surgery with skills and knowledge that far exceeded what most others in the field could do. Still, he was compelled to do more. 


RESET Full Face, RESET for Festoons

Making the Impossible Possible

While working with Dr. Baker, Dr. Scheiner was particularly fascinated by the problem of festoons. Also known as malar mounds, festoons are a medical condition in which the skin of the lower eyelids and cheek regions becomes swollen with fluid as a result of sun damage, lifestyle factors, genetics, or the natural aging process. For most patients, festoons are a source of true unhappiness. They tell us that they are “tired of looking tired” and that they are a distraction that disfigures the face and diminishes self-confidence. Festoons are also one of the most challenging aesthetic conditions. Many cosmetic surgeons refuse to treat them at all.


Dr. Scheiner is far more than a physician. He is a researcher, a scientist, and a student of what we, as humans, find beautiful. He understands physical beauty’s role in communication, the importance of the messages our faces send, and the frustration his patients feel about time’s impact on their faces. Building on what he learned from Dr. Baker, Dr. Scheiner made significant improvements to laser festoon treatment, perfecting a surgical deep laser skin resurfacing procedure and healing protocol and calling it RESET for Festoons. 


In his work to perfect festoon treatment, Dr. Scheiner recognized that scalpel-based surgical techniques were why other physicians’ attempts at fixing festoons failed. Rather than working to remove excess fat and skin, his RESET procedure relies on a laser. 


RESET Full Face, Eyelid Rejuvenation

Laser Innovation Yields Transformational Results

 Dr. Scheiner’s RESET for Festoons, laser blepharoplasty, and RESET Full Face procedures put him at the leading edge of laser cosmetic procedures. Performing laser blepharoplasty provides full eye rejuvenation in a way that scalpels cannot, and RESET Full Face is a cutting-edge procedure that delivers unparalleled results, once again eclipsing what had once been thought possible. It penetrates and restructures skin at a deeper layer, reversing the impact of gravity, the sun, and aging in a way that does more than rejuvenate: it restores the face’s skin to the same condition as decades earlier. 


The effect is like taking an eraser to the years. In fact, Dr. Scheiner’s patients who’ve undergone the procedure have shared stories of being carded in restaurants and bars. One woman even explained the procedure’s positive impact on her dating success.

“It brought a huge smile to my face, knowing that my treatments could really dramatically change someone’s life. I was truly touched,” he said.


RESET for Festoons

Word About RESET Spread Nationally and Internationally

RESET’s remarkable, lasting results drew national media attention. Dr. Scheiner was invited to speak about his innovation — not just to other facial surgery professionals but on national media outlets, including Dr. Oz, The Doctors, and the Howard Stern Show. He was profiled in the New York Post, the New York Daily News, and other consumer publications that recognized his work. The recognition resulted in patients seeking treatment from far beyond his Tampa practice. 


“New patients come to see me from all around the world for help from my patient rejuvenation procedures in general and festoons specifically.”


While Dr. Scheiner’s work is groundbreaking, it is far from all he has accomplished in the world of cosmetic surgery. He is the author of a fascinating Wall Street Journal best-selling book, The True Definition of Beauty, which examines the role that facial cosmetic treatments play in modern beauty and communication and the relationship between the two. In his book, he explains that the human determination of beauty is hard-wired, objective, and based on ratios to which we are naturally attracted, pointing to examples as diverse as seashells and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. He also explores the role this ratio — its presence or absence on the human face — has on the way the world relates to us. 


Dr. Scheiner’s understanding of these basic principles has guided him through 25 years of practice, from his earliest days as an ophthalmology resident at the University of Pennsylvania’s Scheie Eye Institute to today as a renowned surgeon. He has perfected the art of performing cosmetic treatments that deliver powerful yet natural results, and he has never stopped looking for new ways to use technology to improve upon his abilities.


Lower Lid Rejuvenation

RESET for Upper Lids Provides Wool into Silk Effect

Dr. Scheiner continues to push his abilities further, constantly searching for breakthroughs that allow him to deliver even more remarkable results for his patients. His drive and unquenchable scientific curiosity led him to explore the multiple possibilities of what could be done using today’s laser technologies. That resulted in his latest innovation: RESET for Upper Lids. Using similar techniques to what he’d perfected for treating Festoons, Dr. Scheiner is now able to offer his patients the same surgical skin laser resurfacing procedure for upper lids, delivering improvement to a small area in a big way. 


The delicate skin of the upper eyelid has long represented a sort of no-man’s land for cosmetic surgeons: the use of powerful lasers on this fragile area has been viewed as too difficult. But Dr. Scheiner is a perfectionist when it comes to his patient’s appearance, and it has bothered him that patients who’ve undergone laser upper lid blepharoplasty to fix hooded eyes and drooping skin have still been left with an aged-looking eyelid surface. After years of scientific inquiry, he has determined the exact right level of laser energy use on the surface of the upper eyelid. He likens the results to transforming wool into silk, leaving behind an eyelid that is as smooth as a newborn baby.


RESET for Festoons, Upper and Lower Lid Rejuvenation

Pioneering a New Era of Transformation in Cosmetic Laser Surgery

Dr. Scheiner has proven that the impossible is just an invitation to try harder when it comes to cosmetic surgery. His RESET procedures are a testament to both his scientific curiosity and dedication to his patients. Everything he does is geared toward helping them achieve their goals, regain their confidence, and ensure that their faces are communicating who they really are and how they really feel. 

RESET for festoons, full face, and upper eyelids speaks to the power of the possible and of Dr. Scheiner’s commitment to helping his patients put their best faces forward. As technology continues to improve, he will continue to innovate.



For more information on Dr. Scheiner’s surgical RESET procedures, Laser Blepharoplasty procedures, and other services offered in his practice, visit his website at www.adamscheinermd.com.  

Elizabeth Kanna and Terri Oppenheimer

Elizabeth Kanna and Terri Oppenheimer