Don’t Believe Everything You See On The Internet: Famous TikTok Trends Dermatologists Warn People To Avoid

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TikTok trends have taken the internet by storm. Whether it be dance challenges, DIY hacks, home improvement, or beauty and wellness, you're bound to find some crazy new trends every...

Don't Believe Everything You See On The Internet: Famous TikTok Trends Dermatologists Warn People To Avoid
TikTok trends have taken the internet by storm. Whether it be dance challenges, DIY hacks, home improvement, or beauty and wellness, you’re bound to find some crazy new trends every time you scroll through your TikTok feed. However, as cool and fun as these fads look, they’re not always safe, especially when it comes to skincare trends. Here are the top six TikTok skincare trends that dermatologists warn us about.


1. DIY Microneedling 

At the top of every dermatologist’s “Don’t Do This At Home List” is DIY Microneedling. Microneedling is a technique that punctures the skin using tiny needles to boost collagen production and improve skin quality. Some TikTok influencers have started to use derma rollers that allow them to perform microneedling at home. 

However, the danger to following this trend is that you’ll be putting yourself at high risk for infection and skin damage due to an unsterile environment and random movements with a microneedling device. The needles you may be using are the wrong size or depth, which can cause severe damage to your face and scarring. 

If you want to try microneedling, leave it to the professionals. Contact a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon with years of experience in making people’s skin look beautiful and all the proper sterile tools to safely get the job done.


2. Sunscreen Contouring

Another absurd TikTok beauty tip is sunscreen contouring. People only apply sunscreen to the points on their faces that they want to highlight. The areas without sunscreen will then create a natural contour when it gets tan from sunbathing. 

Dermatologists everywhere agree that this is a terrible idea for several reasons, but the main one is potential skin cancer. Any sun exposure to the skin will result in sun-damaged cells that cause aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discoloration. A better tip would be to apply sunscreen to your entire face every day before putting on makeup and use makeup to highlight and contour your face. 


3. DIY Lip Fillers

Thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner, big plump lips have become the new beauty standard for women across the globe. Since not everyone has big bucks to spend on getting lip fillers from a professional, some people have turned to a cheaper solution by purchasing at-home kits for injecting their own lip fillers. 

The device that seems to be going around on TikTok is the Hyaluron pen, which creates pressurized air that pushes hyaluronic acid filler to the lips without using a needle. Although there is no injecting involved, dermatologists warn people against using this at home because lips can easily bruise and swell. Instead, experiment with makeup and outline your lips with lip liner if you want to achieve a fuller lip look.  


4. Slugging

Slugging is a popular K-beauty trend where you coat your face with a thick layer of petroleum-based products like Vaseline to seal in all the moisturizing products you applied beforehand. The result is supposed to leave you with softer and more supple skin. However, this doesn’t work out for everyone. 

Dermatologists advise those with oily and acne-prone skin not to follow this trend because the heavy petroleum jelly can clog your pores and lead to more breakouts. Moreover, slugging can also cause oily skin to look shinier and have enlarged pores. 


5. Toner as Deodorant

Folks are always looking for natural alternatives to traditional deodorants, and using glycolic acid toner has become a popular choice on TikTok. According to Dr. Hadley King, a dermatologist from New York, the alcohol found in toners can help remove odor-causing bacteria. However, some toners contain potent acids, which can irritate your underarms. If you have sensitive skin, using glycolic acid toner can irritate your face, so it follows that it would do the same to your armpits. 

It is best for those who have recently undergone laser underarm hair removal to steer clear from using toner since your skin is extra sensitive from the treatment. Additionally, overuse of toner can also lead to over-exfoliation, which thins out your skin’s protective barrier. This will result in an undesirable redness and flakiness of your armpits. If this happens to you, apply moisturizer to your armpit until it heals.


6. DIY Mole Removal

Another dangerous DIY trend is mole removal. Removing a mole, wart, or any skin bump at home is not something as simple as cutting split ends off your hair. Cautionary steps must be taken first before removing anything from the dermis.

As Dr. Annie Gonzalez, a Miami dermatologist, recommends, it is imperative to have a medical professional assess whether your mole is benign or malignant before removal. Using at-home laser devices that claim to zap away your moles is a big no-no because it can lead to a high risk of infection, scarring, and even skin cancer. 

While it’s easy to get swept up in all these fascinating beauty trends promoted by TikTok influencers, remember that not all of their tips should be followed. Make sure to do your fair share of research first before trying any at-home trends, or seek advice from a professional.

Yuko Tabasa

Yuko Tabasa