Diet, Supplements & Lifestyle: The Game Changers in the Battle against COVID-19

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Although it seems like COVID-19 has almost disappeared from the sphere of conversation, the battle isn't over yet. Lives have radically changed to the point where life will never be...

Although it seems like COVID-19 has almost disappeared from the sphere of conversation, the battle isn’t over yet. Lives have radically changed to the point where life will never be the same again. As the battle rages, research has shown that adding supplements and lifestyle changes and diet changes can work to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and slowly heal from its effects.



Research suggests a reduced risk of developing COVID-19 and suffering from its debilitating effects by eating a proper and varied diet. Some scientists discovered a 9% decrease in the risk for COVID-19 just by eating fruits, vegetables and legumes. People who ate these foods had a lower risk at 41% of suffering from serious cases of COVID-19 compared to people who ate small amounts of these foods.

Doctors offer several recommendations for staying healthy, such as:

  • Eating nuts;
  • Eating whole grains, such as whole-wheat pasta;
  • Eating vegetables and fruits, especially leafy vegetables like lettuce;
  • Eating legumes such as black beans and lentils;
  • Drinking at least 8-10 cups of water every day;
  • Limiting the salt intake to 5 grams/day;
  • Eating red meat once or twice a week and poultry 2-3 times per week;
  • Eating foods with unsaturated fat;
  • Eating fish;
  • Cutting down on foods that cause increased anxiety or sluggishness, such as caffeine.

A balanced diet guarantees a strong immune system, and a strong immune system is necessary to fight off COVID-19. 



When COVID-19 began spreading, researchers looked to figure out what could keep people away from the virus and help them heal from its effects. Lots of research substantiates that it is crucial to take in varying amounts of vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, iron, copper, folate and selenium and vitamins such as A, B 12, B 6, C, D and E in order to maintain a functional immune system. 

Some studies have found that a high dose of zinc salts can lead to significant improvements in only one day of treatment after contracting COVID-19. Research suggests the immuno-protection of many of these nutrients is based on their antioxidant capacity (oxidation is a chemical reaction that can damage cells), which is lost if consumed in excess.

While very little research shows which specific supplement can increase the immune system, Vitamin C has been proven as a great way to treat or prevent any viral infections. Vitamin C’s daily recommended dietary allowance is 90 milligrams for men and 75 milligrams for women.


Lifestyle Changes

COVID-19 radically changed lives. It has been proven to cause significant impacts on health, including changes in eating patterns, sleeping habits and physical activity. Research has shown that COVID-19 has put a strain on mental, emotional and physical health. Doctors suggest several essential lifestyle changes to keep from serious effects and symptoms of COVID-19. 

Doctors suggest prioritizing at least these three things:

  • Exercise;
  • Sleep;
  • A balanced diet.

Exercise can significantly impact overall health, which is why it should be prioritized. However, it can also be a struggle to do something as simple as working out, especially since COVID-19 shut down the world, and the world is still recovering from its effects. Staying physically active is more difficult to do as a result but essential. The more physically active a person is, the lower their risk of contracting a severe illness. Sleep is also vital since it helps heal the immune system. 

Isolation was proven to promote sedentary behaviors that affect mental and physical health, and fear and anxiety have also been linked to impacting overall health. Therefore, it is essential to sleep, exercise and eat the right foods.

Research suggests that even people who have recovered from COVID-19 still suffer from its effects, including fatigue, headaches and shortness of breath. However, resting and eating can successfully battle these side effects. 


A Parting Reminder

While COVID-19 has significantly changed the world, people are adapting and trying to go back to the way life used to be. However, as businesses come back to life and schools are in session, it is still vital to stay healthy and do whatever is necessary to keep from contracting COVID-19. 

People stumbled through 2020 with confusion, sadness and anxiety, but now, armed with an understanding of the virus and what can minimize its effects, people can go through 2022 with a weapon. These weapons — a good diet, lifestyle changes, vitamins and supplements — are ones that can turn the tide in this battle against COVID-19.

Adreana Mendez

Adreana Mendez