A4M and Regenerative Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Robert Goldman

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Introduction The inspiring story of Dr. Robert Goldman helped send him on a path that has now led to hundreds of thousands of people being better educated in regenerative medicine...


The inspiring story of Dr. Robert Goldman helped send him on a path that has now led to hundreds of thousands of people being better educated in regenerative medicine and expanding the world of anti-aging to provide exceptional training to health professionals worldwide. In our interview with Dr. Goldman, we explore regenerative medicine and A4M’s founding, Dr. Goldman’s achievements and inspiration, training health professionals, and tips that anyone can take away for living and aging healthier.


Regenerative Medicine and the Founding of A4M

Regenerative medicine is becoming more and more influential and paramount in the lives of many around the world. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, or A4M, was founded in 1992 by Dr. Robert Goldman and Dr. Ronald Klatz and has become the global leader in medical education continuation in total body care. They provide medical education opportunities to those around the world in training of all sorts, including university-level certifications, workshops, CME events and more. A4M seeks to provide care and training beyond the traditional standard of healthcare to improve the longevity and lifespan of people worldwide. 


“We want to continue to educate the physician community as we have done for three decades,” Dr. Robert Goldman said. 



Dr. Goldman helped found A4M in acknowledgment that standard medical education could be better in staying up to date on the newest variables and enormous volumes of information out in the world. There are millions of journals to read and articles to educate, and being able to stay well-informed on everything would take a lot of work. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine wanted to become a platform where medical societies could become educated on many topics rather than just one specialty. 


“We’re very inclusive. We have many forms and specialties. In other words, we will have a plastic surgeon next to an internal medicine guy next to a cardiologist. And this way, we can take the best knowledge base from every specialty and combine that all together to help all of these specialists to enhance their knowledge in areas that they may not have been familiar with when they attended medical school,” Dr. Goldman said. 


A4M had to create a field that previously did not exist, especially when it came to regenerative medicine. Traditional medicine often treats symptoms and the issue itself rather than finding the origin of the problem and treating it. The organization wanted to train medical professionals on the entirety of the body so they could treat the origin of the issue rather than just the problem. 


“Doctors would end up trying to fix one thing. Then they end up creating four other bad things for the patient, and so we were able to literally turn this whole thing around,” he said. 



Where Dr. Goldman’s Interests Began


So, what started Dr. Goldman on the path to helping co-found some of the world’s most well-known anti-aging and professional health education programs?


 When Dr. Robert Goldman was working in gyms and health clubs in the 80s, there were no titles like ‘Certified Personal Trainer’ or an ‘Educated Personal Fitness Trainer.’ He noticed the need for basic first aid training and the lack of any form of health training for the people at the facilities. Wanting to create a profession that did not currently exist, Goldman worked toward founding the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and helped create a whole personal fitness trainer certification program through NASM, where about 1.6 million have now been certified. 


Goldman also founded the term CPT or ‘Certified Personal Trainer,’ which is now in use worldwide. As he grew older, he realized that older people needed aid as well. To tackle this, Goldman and A4M co-founder Robert Klatz flew 12 doctors to Chicago, where they tried to strategize a new form of medicine. There, they addressed the health and longevity issues of those as they aged in a new approach. From this knowledge and research, A4M was born. 


Now, thousands of doctors join their training programs, modules and master’s degree programs with memberships from 120 countries. 


“The reason that I felt it was important to do this was for our own personal health and for that of our patients,” he said. 



Further Achievements and a Message from Rob Fletcher of Muscle & Fitness+

Dr. Goldman is no stranger to high achievements, holding over 20 world strength records, a 6th-degree Black Belt in Karate, winning the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Physical Fitness Award three times and receiving many other championship awards throughout his life.

Along with these awards and recognitions, Dr. Golman holds two Physician and Surgeon Medical Degrees and two Ph.D. Doctorates. He has also served as a Senior Fellow at the Lincoln Filene Center, Tufts University, as well as an Affiliate at the Philosophy of Education Research Center, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University.

Overseeing and founding multiple cooperative research agreement development programs and receiving his aforementioned degrees have qualified Dr. Goldman to serve as the chairman of many other committees and boards, such as the International Medical Commission, the AAU/USA Sports Medicine Council, the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports and many more.



“Dr. Robert Goldman has made countless selfless contributions by supporting, promoting and helping others, especially in the world of sports, bodybuilding, health, fitness, anti-aging and martial arts. He’s been the head of organizing and hosting multiple events and certification programs that improve our society physically, mentally, educationally and spiritually. With countless awards, accomplishments, and accolades, Dr. Robert Goldman has chosen not to base his legacy on these things but rather on making a positive impact and a difference in the world. 

Recipient of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr. Goldman has shown a relentless drive to consistently better people’s lives worldwide through anti-aging, health and fitness. His efforts remain unmatched to make the world better, healthier, happier and stronger. His selfless contributions to inspire and motivate others have been proven through the Founding of the International Sports Hall of Fame (ISHOF), a non-profit that recognizes inductees not only for their accomplishments on the field, in a ring or on stage but for those who contribute to society by giving back — especially among our youth. Goldman himself donates 80% of his time to these charitable pursuits.

Dr. Goldman has a lifetime mission to support and promote events that align with his values, beliefs and efforts. He has recently partnered his global brand Worldhealth.net, with the global brand Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, FLEX Magazine, and the OLYMPIA Weekend in a combined effort at the international event, the A4M Anti-Aging Conference, to be held at the Venetian Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, December 14-16. A4M is a gathering of leaders and experts in anti-aging with speakers, workshops, forums and exhibitors featuring new advancements in technology, innovation, products and services. This year’s keynote speaker will be Dr. Oz, who will be joined by a long list of highly recognized worldwide leaders. They will be sharing their knowledge at the A4M conference to improve the lives of others for optimal health and performance.”

– Rob Fletcher, Business Development Director Muscle & Fitness+ 



Training Medical Professionals Through A4M

A4M invests significant resources in its sophisticated training, which encompasses various regenerative medicine techniques such as stem cell therapy and hormone replacement therapy. Even business aspects for medical professionals are covered and taught in the training through A4M. 


“Everything under the sun, we have developed specific fellowship training programs to enhance the doctor’s knowledge. So they are the best on the planet, and we are reaching out to the physician community to help them to be the most proficient and best trained out there. That’s why after a patient goes to one of our doctors, they never want to go back to a conventionally trained doctor again. Because a conventionally trained doctor is not trained in nutrition,” he said. 


A4M trains its professionals to spend time with the patient and figure out the root cause of their issues and where they may be stemming from, which is an alternative to traditional medicine. A4M’s organization played a pivotal role in the development of medispas, as well as in the global expansion of concierge and precision medicine around the world.


“We are one of the very few organizations that have held world congresses all over the globe, everywhere from South Africa, China, Singapore and Thailand. Many organizations would have one big show every one to every four years. We have two major ones every year in America, with dozens of workshops every year in America. And we have held multiple conferences even in the same years as we have a congress in China, Singapore, Germany, France- we’ve had these all over the world. This really made us a very unique organization, and that was because of the experience I had in how to run global,” Dr. Goldman shared. 


The training is world-renowned and helpful to anyone in the medical field. For more information on upcoming events, visit their website at https://www.a4m.com



Tips for the Best Aging

While aging is inevitable, it is possible to be proactive and engaged in that process. Dr. Goldman gave us three suggestions for the best ways to age well and live a longer, healthier life. 


Tip #1: Exercise 


Exercise may seem like an over-exaggerated part of a healthy life, but Dr. Goldman has expressed that in his years of research and practice, exercise is one of the most basic yet important things to remember as you age. Weight lifting and moving the body are two of the most critical parts of healthy aging. Years ago, doctors did not promote weight lifting but now would suggest it as one simple, healthy way to exercise. 


“I think that exercise and weight training is critical and very, very important. This is something that was resisted by a number of areas in the sporting community because if you were a football player, they would say, ‘Just play football;’ if you were a baseball player, ‘Just play baseball,’ and they were almost anti-weight room, and now there isn’t a sports team in the world that doesn’t have a fully-fledged training facility,” he said. 


Tip #2: Diet 


Diet is another simple yet vital piece of healthy aging and living. Eating healthy and making health-conscious food decisions can tremendously prolong your life through your health journey. 


“Diet is critical, especially since so much of the food has been manipulated. You want to try and get as much organically-based healthy natural foods as possible. Now, with all the artificial components put in food, you have to be very careful what you eat,” Dr. Goldman said. 


Just because something has the ‘organic’ label does not mean those items have not been manipulated or have GMOs in them. Oftentimes, pollution is also present in our water sources. Because of this, Dr. Goldman suggests vitamin supplementation in daily eating habits while still watching what foods you consume. 


Tip #3: Watch Your Stress Levels 


“Hard work won’t kill you, but stress will,” Dr. Goldman said. 


Stress harms the longevity of your life because there are physical effects of stress that come out during the time of stress. There are even long-lasting effects of stress that those wanting to increase their lifespan should avoid. 


Dr. Goldman suggests different breathing exercises done in the East and meditation techniques that are done all over the world. These are simply coping mechanisms for stress that can aid your lifespan. 


“These are things that are also very helpful because you can try to calm and nurse the body, but if you don’t take good care of the mind, the stress will kill you because it causes micro and macro inflammation. We are living in a toxic environment, and if you don’t try to counteract, there will be issues,” he said. 




Regenerative medicine can be as simple as choosing the right foods and exercises while maintaining low stress levels. Visiting a regenerative medicine doctor and receiving treatments is an excellent way to boost your health and age better, but simple daily choices help the most in terms of longevity and healthy living. 


“People now value their health as number one. There’s no excuse if you can find at least 30 minutes a day to do an exercise program. If you can’t spend a little bit of time and self-control on your diet, and you’re not willing to spend a little bit of money for nutritional supplementation, then you’re missing the boat because people don’t care about things until they’re taken away,” Dr. Goldman concluded. 


Explore more ways on how to be proactive with your health and age well. Visit a4m.com to learn more about Dr. Goldman, the mission of A4M and regenerative medicine and find inspiration to face aging head-on.

Riley George

Riley George