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BIOHACKING HEALTH.MIND.SPIRIT Quantum Energy into health and wellness  Until now, no devices have been advanced enough to harness an unlimited source of natural living energy from the quantum energy field...


Quantum Energy into health and wellness 

Until now, no devices have been advanced enough to harness an unlimited source of natural living energy from the quantum energy field to restore all aspects of our health. Most devices require an external power source to generate simulated healing frequencies or light. The team at ELUUMIS has cracked the code on harnessing the most potent form of unlimited healing energy without a power source, nor does it have to be recharged. This energy is known as biophoton. 


The root of all disease is the lack of Natural Light!

For many years, sunlight has been considered the primary source of biophoton energy. Essentially, natural sunlight is a biophoton and serves as the main energy source for all biological forms on our planet. These biological lights power and trigger all biochemical processes in our bodies, directly impacting our mood, emotions, hormones, biochemical reactions, and every aspect of physical and energetic health. It is the most important component of our well-being. The presence or absence of natural light affects chemical and mental reactions in humans. For example, countries and states with the fewest sunny days have higher rates of suicide and depression. On the other hand, exposure to sunlight increases the brain’s production of the happy hormone serotonin, which improves mood and helps the brain concentrate on tasks.



Do I have Biophoton Light?

Biophotons are intelligent particles of light generated by the sun and every biological system on Earth, including people, animals, and plants. Science calls this phenomenon “Ultraweak Biophoton Emissions.” We are carriers, creating and absorbing biological light every second. This intelligent energy works invisibly and participates in all our processes, from digesting food to achieving deep sleep. We absorb biophotons through our eyes, skin, and brain, triggering key neurotransmitters and affecting our cells, such as the mitochondria, which converts them into ATP, our ultimate biological energy source that we use for thinking, feeling, acting, and reacting. Biophotons are even responsible for stem cell differentiation.  


Visualize your body as a miniature universe teeming with tiny specks of light known as biophotons. These biological photons are emitted and absorbed by every cell in your body, from the skin to the brain. Cells communicate with each other using these light particles as messengers. Essentially, biophotons act as tiny couriers within us, ensuring the smooth and harmonious functioning of our biological processes.



Biophoton and DNA

Back in 1984, German biophysicist and cancer radiotherapist Fritz-Albert Popp showed the importance and appearance of biophoton in DNA. Your DNA accumulates a significant amount of biophotons, with one human DNA molecule containing 1000 photons. Multiply that by the 93 trillion DNA molecules in our bodies. When our DNA absorbs biophotons, it receives energy and starts vibrating. This vibration activates our natural defense systems: the immune system and the biofield. The higher our vibration, the greater the absorption and output of energy, leading to optimal health. Our DNA is the level where our body of energy combines with our physical body; they cannot be separated.


Lack of Biophotons

The presence of biological photons has a significant impact on our overall well-being. Depending on factors such as constitution, perception, age, and lifestyle, a deficiency in internal light can result in issues ranging from fatigue to severe conditions like cancer. Biological photons influence our energy levels, focus, stress management, nutrient absorption, nervous system function, emotional stability, and cognitive processes. A lack of biological photons may contribute to problems such as mental restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, weakened immune system, increased susceptibility to infections, neurotransmitter imbalance, depression, mood swings, nutrient deficiencies, weakened biofield, and lack of concentration. Our internal light plays a crucial role in rejuvenating our immune system on both physical and energetic levels. A deficit in internal light weakens our natural defenses, compromising both physical and energetic immunity and negatively impacting our DNA.

For instance, if an individual has a damaged left shoulder and captures the body’s bio-photonic emissions in a picture, they will observe an “indent” in the energy field precisely at the location of the left shoulder.

Healthy cells have a regular round shape, enough “space for division,” and emit a strong biophoton glow. If a cell is unhealthy, it loses its biophoton glow, changes shape, and can no longer perform its basic functions.



What affects our Absorption of Biophotons?

Now more than ever, society faces massive problems that negatively affect the absorption of biophotons. With the development of technology, EMF radiation and data pollution were introduced, moving a person further away from ideal health and wellness. Every day, we are affected by the environment, toxins, emotional stressors, passive and sedentary lifestyles, toxic chemical elements in most products, improper nutrition, polluted air, and poor-quality water. Our day and night regimens are adjusted to the time of day set by corporations. We completely ignore the natural internal clock. 


Constant active advertising pushes us to the path of continuous consumption. And to consume, we need to earn. Society is set up for you to constantly compare yourself, your children, your partners, and your achievements with someone else. We no longer feel safe and healthy. This all drastically reduces the body’s ability to absorb the necessary amount of bio-photons. Our bodies then store these toxins, disrupting our biochemical processes and natural defenses. 





Finally, a device has appeared on the market that helps replenish biophoton energy – ELUUMIS. A young, innovative company has created not just a device but an entire method of healing and self-healing based on the work of biophotons. The company’s owners, Gary Kiss and Taisia Shine believe in an integrative method that combines the medical and scientific world with the energetic and spiritual realms. Their device is a truly innovative technology on the verge of science and spirituality. Even the shape, appearance, and material have a completely new look. ELUUMIS is not what we are used to – it is futuristic technology and science! ELUUMIS emanation technology is the world’s most advanced, intelligent healing device that can be applied to humans, animals, agriculture, and the environment. 




When a biological photon enters your biofield or physical body, it acts like stem cells, reacting to inflammatory signals. Biophoton energy has the potential to harmonize your physical body, emotional state, relationships, DNA, spiritual and energetic components, brain and mind functioning, and clear any blocks you may have.

Access to the original biological photon can activate the inherent ability to self-healing.  ELUUMIS devices help replenish the inner light and create a field that protects us from anything preventing harmony, health, and happiness.



“Creating the first ELUUMIS device took more than two years of work and study of the properties of matter, metaphysics, time, and vibrations. I didn’t try to create something that already exists. My mission was to empower nature and humans to activate the self-healing that is already in our DNA. Biophotons in any biological organism or ecosystem strive for harmony and the highest form of coherence. In fact, each of us can self-heal using a biological photon. That is why ELUUMIS was created”, says Taisia Shine, creator of ELUUMIS devices. 


“If a person gains access to the original biological photon, he will be able to activate what is inherent in him by nature – THE ABILITY OF SELF-HEALING. These devices not only help replenish the inner biological light but also create a field of protection around us by constantly charging and strengthening our biofield, which is the most important key in protecting ourselves from harmful EMFs and negative frequencies.”



Negative frequencies are one of the biggest threats to our health. Oftentimes, when we talk about harmful frequencies, we think of EMFs. Negative energy from other people is equally harmful as data pollution, electrosmog, and geopathic zones. Even parasites can be transferred through the biofield! But when the biofield is supercharged with biophotons, it acts as a protective shield and helps rid the body of toxic radiation.


Many effective devices on the market are designed only to block harmful frequencies, which are great for indoor usage. However, what happens when you go out and you’re exposed? Within minutes, your thyroid and cells can absorb harmful radiation. What’s protecting you, then? Realistically, you cannot take it with you everywhere you go. SO… isn’t it best to charge your own biofield, which will protect you 24/7? Combining the Eluumis device with other EMF devices will be the ultimate bio-hack to protect against negative frequencies.





“We offer more than just a device; we provide a program to assist you in using the device. Biophotonic energy is effectively utilized in both everyday and professional settings. We divide our method into two different programs and devices which encompass professional as well as personal use: ELUUMIS SKY and ELUUMIS MATTER”, says Gary Kiss, Head of Business Development of ELUUMIS. 


What is fascinating is when people hold the Eluumis device, they feel energy pulsations throughout their body and brain. It will even start to release emotional blockages and energetic traumas stored in the cell, but it’s felt most in previously damaged areas. This is how you know it immediately starts the healing process. Most or all will experience a calming sensation in the nervous system and mind within minutes. MANY PEOPLE report the sharpening of their intuitive senses. This energy is intelligent; therefore, everyone has a unique experience. It’s incredible to feel the level of energy being emitted from the device, yet it has no external power source, and it never has to be recharged! The energy is perpetual. There is nothing like it!



Not all light is the same!

There is a big difference between a biophoton versus a simulated photon. In all cases, technologies on the market simulate photon energy and light, creating an artificial pulse of light. Such technologies use artificial light and artificial vibrations, which can contribute to some stimulation of biochemical processes in the body based on the photon’s known physical properties. However, such a photon has limited properties and effects.  The biophoton is a natural carrier of cellular genetics and cellular information.


ELUUMIS is a unique device that captures and transmits the flow of natural biological photons to restore and balance the source of cellular and genetic light energy into every cell in our body.


Uniqueness of ELUUMIS

  1. ELUUMis requires no additional light or energy sources to function. It works without recharging, even in complete darkness.
  2. ELUUMIS’s physical material is 100% natural and composed of an alloy of minerals. Moreover, this alloy cannot absorb and only reflects a biophoton. Due to this property, concentrated transmission of biological photons occurs.
  3. ELUUMIS adapts to each individual and interacts by tuning in to their specific frequency. Biophotonic energy will travel where it is most needed or according to the protocol chosen by the person.
  4. Due to constant connection and photon energy emission, ELUUMIS emits a high-vibration field. This field harmonizes and protects at the vibration level.
  5. ELUUMIS emits a double positive (++) biological photon, which is pure light and cannot be influenced by extraneous influences. This energy can be combined with any method and modality and easily integrated into any practice.





Biophoton Healing 24/7 at your device.

So everyone has access to natural biological therapy, we took it one step further to create a unique Eluumis device that can powerfully stream biophoton energy via any video platform. Biophotons are not limited to distance and time; therefore, they can be transported through a vector such as a video stream.  


“It’s not that far-fetched,” says Gary.  “Every one of us streams information and frequencies daily, from streaming music, television, Bluetooth, and even talking on the phone. Now, we are able to stream healing energy. Even healers are streaming their energy remotely. We not only provide the opportunity to access universal biological energy but also let you choose the necessary protocol that is aimed at improving health in the selected area: ANXIETY, MIND CHATTER, FOCUS, STRESS, BRAIN FUNCTIONS, MEMORY, ULTIMATE HEALTH, FATIGUE, AURA RECHARGE AND PROTECTION etc.”  


People from all over the world will now have access to 24/7 live streaming of biophoton energy. It will be the biggest breakthrough in healing masses without the need for a physical person.



“This is one of the most important breakthroughs of our time,” says Taisia, the creator of the first Natural Bio-Photon Technology. “We “cracked the code,” harnessing and consistently replenishing the body’s absorption of biophotons into all cellular and sub-atomic levels! We continue to study the influence of biological photons on various aspects of life, health, and wellness, attracting independent specialists.”





One of the case studies was conducted with independent medical and blood analysis experts. They were invited to observe the effects of biophoton energy applied to the blood. The entire team was stunned by what they saw. Cells that were prematurely dying were restored back to their original state with a healthy electrical charge. Blood flow was restored, and toxins and pathogens were eliminated in record time. 


Typically, after 10-12 minutes, cells outside the body would perish. One of the most jaw-dropping observations in this study was the cells survived for over 30 minutes and even replicated. This is the height of anti-aging and regenerating your own stem cells! 


“BUT that’s the natural function of a biological photon,” says Dr. Joshua Helman, M.D., a double board-certified physician in microbiology who studied biophotons during his training at Harvard & MIT.


During our testing and investigations, we saw how a person’s physical and energetic components receiving pure, concentrated biological energy included self-healing and harmonized vital processes. We recorded how a person’s first time holding an ELUUMIS device for 15 minutes completely balanced his emotional state, cleansed and balanced the chakra system, balanced the Yin-Yang of energy and vibration, and quickly balanced heart and brain coherence.



The Eluumis Biophoton device is the fastest way to biohack your way to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We invite you to experience the world’s most intelligent, powerful, ancient, yet advanced technology that brings our lives back into coherence. Imagine the equivalent of having the power of the sun’s living energy and all its benefits at your fingertips. Eluumis Biophoton technology will change your life from the moment you touch it!

We wish you vitality, happiness, and health.

 Scan the QR code for more information on Eluumis and how you could improve your well-being with this healing device.




Gary Kiss and Taisia Shine

Gary Kiss and Taisia Shine


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