Smog Armor

Smog armor is natural nanotechnology paint that eliminates up to 95% of indoor air pollutants within one-hour.

“My mission was to find something from nature that would heal and protect nature.” 

Tim Sperry

Founder, Smog Armor

Smog Armor’s Rise to Popularity During the Pandemic

The invention of Smog Armor paint couldn’t have come at a better time. It first launched in December 2019 as a Kickstarter campaign, right before the pandemic outburst. So naturally, it was a challenge to introduce new technology to the market, and of course, Tim and his team had to do their fair share of persuasive marketing. But as soon as COVID-19 hit, everyone wanted to get their hands on Smog Armor paint, and by everyone, that includes us at Top Doctor Magazine, who use Smog Armor paint in our Miami clinic and all our other upcoming clinics nationwide.

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