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Air pollution is an invisible killer that takes away the lives of an estimated seven million people per year. From smog, smoke, and all manner of chemicals hanging over our...

Air pollution is an invisible killer that takes away the lives of an estimated seven million people per year. From smog, smoke, and all manner of chemicals hanging over our cities and even inside our homes, the combined effects of these air pollutants can cause severe respiratory damages and millions of premature deaths every year. We know that with the continuous growth of urbanization, air pollution continues to rise with it. But is there a way for us to counter the effect? Many of you may say that it’s impossible, that it’s out of our hands, but we at Top Doctor Magazine beg to differ – because we have found the answer, and the answer is paint – Smog Armor’s Paint.


The Origins of Smog Armor

Imagine a paint that has been specifically modified to eliminate up to 95% of indoor air pollution in just one hour using nanotechnology. Tim Sperry, Founder of Smog Armor, came up with this world-changing idea while looking for ways to reduce exhaust emissions from vehicles. Driven by the loss of two family members to lung cancer and personal advocacy to help Mother Nature, Tim made it his life’s goal to find a way to reduce air pollution. “My mission was to find something from nature that would heal and protect nature.” 

Although a self-taught chemist, Tim had no knowledge about paint-making; however, his sheer determination to leave a positive impact on the environment led him to partner up with a family-owned paint manufacturer in FL that helped him develop a paint formula composed of micronized CO2-absorbing material. They had no idea if it would work or not since no one has ever really done something like this before. “So we found a lab to test the paint, and our test results came back, that it moved up to 95.1% of indoor air pollutants in one hour. And this is like the most commonly found air pollutants in our homes, airborne chemicals like formaldehyde acetone, benzene, all the things that like off-gas from our walls, our floors, and our furniture.” And with that success, Smog Armor was born.

Smog Armor’s Rise to Popularity During the Pandemic

The invention of Smog Armor paint couldn’t have come at a better time. It first launched in December 2019 as a Kickstarter campaign, right before the pandemic outburst. So naturally, it was a challenge to introduce new technology to the market, and of course, Tim and his team had to do their fair share of persuasive marketing. But as soon as COVID-19 hit, everyone wanted to get their hands on Smog Armor paint, and by everyone, that includes us at Top Doctor Magazine, who use Smog Armor paint in our Miami clinic and all our other upcoming clinics nationwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic opened everyone’s eyes and made them realize how important indoor air quality is. News about how air pollution increases the risk of COVID-19 hospitalization rates made people more conscious about having healthy air around their homes and offices. Currently, Smog Armor focuses its reach directly on business owners, governments, and health facilities while setting up fulfillment via Amazon. Once their team grows in number, Smog Armor will expand its business to direct consumers.

Benefits of Using Smog Armor in Your Office

The Top Doctor Miami Clinic currently uses Smog Armor’s Care+ Paint. The product consists of air purifying and antimicrobial properties that, based on test results, kill 99.99% of Staph and 99.97% of E. coli. In addition, the paint’s absorbing qualities will work consistently for up to five years before it saturates and sits on the wall. “The paint will actually improve the air quality, and allow you to breathe, fresher, healthier air, take the CO2 out of the air, which too much CO2 in a closed space that has bad ventilation really reduces your cognitive abilities,” Tim explains. Consequently, healthy air will prevent doctors from getting a foggy brain and enable them to work smarter and more efficiently. More importantly, patients and visitors can feel safe whenever they visit the clinic because the Smog Armor Care+ paint helps reduce and eliminate the germs and bacteria brought in by the come and go of different people visiting the clinic. 

“Everyone now feels the pressure to show their customers that either they’ve sprayed this with some antibacterial agent and they’re wiping down with Clorox every 30 minutes. This [Smog Armor] is one of those ways, but it’s something that you don’t need to keep reapplying. You don’t need to turn it on. You don’t need to turn it off. It just automatically works. So it’s something that is like an autopilot,” Tim adds as another convincing reason to use Smog Armor paint in your office.

Smog Armor’s Promise to Help Clean the Environment

Although a large chunk of air pollutants come from outside elements, did you know that one of the main air pollution culprits is the chemicals coming from the paint on your walls? According to WHO, the air in our homes and offices is five times more polluted than outside. When you walk into a freshly painted house, that “fresh paint” smell you are inhaling is nothing but a bunch of harmful chemicals deteriorating your respiratory system. And that is why Smog Armor created nature-based negative emission nanotechnology. “We created this natural nanotechnology from the earth that can be found around the world and integrated it into the paint. And we found that not only does it reduce indoor air pollution, but it also reduces CO2. So it’s helping reduce our carbon footprint. This could be painted anywhere. It’s like any other paint goes on like any other paint and is made like any other paint. It is just better. It’s a smart paint that is functional.” 

And when you have an all-around better paint available in the market, one that is safer for you and the environment and is even GreenWise certified, it makes no sense to go with any other paint brand. 

Awareness Will Lead To A Better World

What started as a passion project for Tim to help save our Home is now inspiring other businesses to create more eco-friendly products that will benefit their customers and the planet. Smog Armor aims to lead by example and stands alongside any businesses or individuals working with the prosperity of the environment in mind. As for everyone else looking to make a difference, Tim advises that the best way to contribute to change in the environment today is by being aware – awareness in the choices we make and what we purchase. “By giving someone the power to say, ‘Hey, look, I use this paint. I help reduce air pollution. And I help reduce my carbon footprint just by painting my walls with this paint.’ It gives people power, empowers them, and it gives them something that they can do to make a difference.” And with that, we can all help create a better world to live in together.

Yuko Tabasa

Yuko Tabasa