Empowering People to be Healthy and Happy: An Interview with Eva Vennari

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Eva Vennari is no stranger to ongoing health problems. As a little girl, she went to various doctors who would attempt to diagnose her properly, but to no avail. After...

Eva Vennari is no stranger to ongoing health problems. As a little girl, she went to various doctors who would attempt to diagnose her properly, but to no avail. After experiencing a draining career that led to burnout, Vennari realized that she wanted – no – needed real change.

That place of burnout propelled Vennari to where she is today: a CEO and founder of The Elevate Institute,LLC, an organization focused on health and energization. Vennari is a certified Nutritional Counselor in Mineral Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis and has certifications for Personal Nutrition, Chakra Healing, and Akashic Record Reading.

Vennari’s enlightenment came at 3 a.m. as she was fighting insomnia. She decided to look online for any illnesses that met her symptoms and came across an article on mineral balancing.

A Practitioner in Nutritional Health

Her physical change inspired Vennari to become a practitioner in nutritional health. At first, she intended to provide help to herself and family, but the loss of someone close made her realize she could help people beyond her family.

She began her business, The Elevate Institute, shortly after. Elevate offers education and a program for those wanting to pinpoint their nutritional imbalances. Different from bloodwork, Vennari takes hair samples to analyze the relationships between minerals.

“I affectionately call the hair analysis report the trash report because it captures what is leftover at the end of the body’s rejuvenation process,” Vennari said. “We’re just tapping into the body’s natural healing processes by watching how it prioritizes what you eat, drink, and breathe in. And then it makes more you and spits out the rest into soft tissue, which is your hair.”

This analysis balanced with a holistic approach to pinpointing stresses helps Vennari walk her clients through a path of regaining their energy and living life to their fullest.

Lasting Change and Real Empowerment

One such client was a father depressed, unable to work and be a partner in his marriage. He was unable to eat, or enjoy anything and had severe anxiety. With the help of Vennari’s program, he gradually came to a healthy place emotionally and physically. The change to his nutrition ultimately boosted his energy and restored his confidence along with establishing new boundaries. His wife and some of his children then also went through the program to reach a place of wellness.

“When you start taking supplements, and you’re paying attention to yourself, that is a form of self-love. Sometimes that’s the only first step a person can afford to make in their emotional place,” Vennari said. “When you give your body more energy, it frees your mind and emotional space to open up, and you’re allowed to process things that you haven’t been able to.”

Stress is one of the biggest inhibitors to people absorbing the minerals they need, so Vennari works with her clients to set healthy boundaries and meditative practices that help with mental and emotional health. Helping each client be aligned holistically is how Vennari empowers people to be happy and healthy.

But Vennari recognizes that there is no cure-all for each person. Health, in many ways, is a process, and she, above all, encourages discernment and discipline in pursuing the answer to a healthy life.

“The answer is unique to each of us just as our thumbprints,” Eva Vennari said. “The foundation to knowing the secret of your life is that you have to put the work in to find out what makes you happy and then make sure you do it.”

Want to know more about Eva Vennari? You can find The Elevate Institute here, and you can listen to her podcast “When Doctors Say ‘We Don’t Know'” here.