Presidential Candidates’ Contrasting Visions For The Future of Healthcare

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As the presidential election approaches, the topic of healthcare is front and center once more. Both candidates hold contrasting views and the American people are again at odds. So, what do these men believe, and how will it affect the future of healthcare? 

Healthcare is a complicated topic that covers many areas that impact civilian life, government policy, business, and innovation. How these men treat healthcare policy will have drastic effects on the rest of the nation. Voting is essential to ensure that your voice is heard and that you are doing your part to see your healthcare needs’ proper resolution.  

But what exactly do these men believe when it comes to fair and proper healthcare? 

Well, President Trump has a firm conservative view on how healthcare should operate. First and foremost, Trump plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a free-market plan. Through this, he wants to give authority to the states, permitting consumers to purchase across state lines. This would break insurance company monopolies. Trump’s plan would provide individual tax relief for insurance and help keep plans affordable. As well as wants to maintain and further improve Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. 

The large theme around Trump’s views on healthcare is the removal of government control over them. He believes the only involvement the government should have, is to make sure that institutions are financially strong in catastrophic happenings. In the end, medical care should remain private. Socialized medicine is not an attractive idea to the President. 

Another great plan Trump has is to create deals with local hospitals to increase care for impoverished communities. Low-income Americans deserve the same healthcare as everyone else, and Trump wants to make sure that there is a plan in place to make that happen. As for abortion, Trump has always been pro-life and remains to be so. 

His vaccination stances are pro-vaccine, but not pro “all in one” vaccinations for children. He believes that vaccines are beneficial and help curb serious illness. Still, he also believes that super dosing with vaccines can lead to aging children’s physical and cognitive disabilities. 

Biden, on the other hand, has polar opposite views. 

Candidate Biden has always been pro ACA and wants to push to protect further and expand it, removing any congressional talks about its repeal. To go along with this, Biden wants to expand premium subsidies with the ACA. This would include those who make 400% more than the national poverty level. He also would like to reinstate funding for the ACA. As for Medicare, Biden does not want it to be universal and will push people to receive similar care through the ACA.

Biden would like to increase the government’s presence in the medical arena, having individuals rely on the government for medical assistance. He would also like the government’s ability to help negotiate prices for healthcare with individuals on a personal basis. He would permit the importation of prescription drugs, rather than the U.S. made generic.   

Biden says that because of his Catholic background, he is not pro-abortion; however, he will not stop abortions. He believes abortions are every woman’s right to choose and that he should not get in the way of that kind of personal decision. This includes late-term abortions and federal funding. 

Other stances Biden holds include his wanting to establish an LGBTQ+ mental health task force, a Racial and Ethnic Disparity task force, and increase opioid crisis treatment. 

As evidenced above, both candidates share drastically different views on how the healthcare system should work. Their choices will have lasting effects on the nation for many years to come. As a voter, now is the time for your voice to be heard. Will you heed the call? 

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