What’s the Secret to Happiness? Well, Science Says It’s Our Relationships

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Our lives reflect what we surround ourselves with. If we choose to live around cheerful, positive people, our lives will be the same. Surrounding ourselves with negative, grumpy and pessimistic...

Our lives reflect what we surround ourselves with. If we choose to live around cheerful, positive people, our lives will be the same. Surrounding ourselves with negative, grumpy and pessimistic people will take a toll on our lives. 


The Social Side of People and How It Affects Our Demeanor 

Humans are social creatures. Without socializing with other people around us or social media, our mental health suffers. Our sociable nature is the one thing we can’t lack. To live a long and happy life, we need people around us to form relationships with. 

The constant nature of these relationships gives the impression that they can never end. Some of us might believe that we can neglect our relationships without consequences. But that is not the case, as the damage we do affects us as well. 


The Relationship with Family 

To create and maintain a relationship, you need to interact with the people on the other side. From a very young age, we build a tight relationship with our family. Because we interact with our family daily, we tend to take up very much from this relationship. For example, living in a happy, joyful family will reflect in our lives. Our personalities will be optimistic and cheerful, and the relationship will be stronger. 


The Relationship with Friends

Some think these are the most influential relationships we develop throughout our lives. We surround ourselves with people that become our friends at school, work or in our community. Some people tend to interact and befriend problematic individuals, leading to a shift in personality, especially in mental health. That’s why surrounding ourselves with understanding, positive people is essential for our mental health. We need that joy and happiness to function and be the best version of ourselves. 


The Relationship with Partners

The intimacy between two particular individuals that forms a relationship defines our lives later in life. We need someone next to us that can understand and love us for who we are. Unfortunately, some people will try and change their partner for their benefit. This process is so damaging that it can lead to serious mental health problems like anxiety and depression. 


How to Maintain a Relationship

The most important thing anyone can do is be positive and build a happy and fulfilling relationship with the other side. Relationships can drastically improve just by showing interest and care. Taking some time out of your day to call your family, meet up with some friends for a chat or cook a delicious meal for your partner can work wonders. 


Positive Alacrity 

Practice Positive Alacrity, the art of creating experiences with an emotionally uplifting impact on others. Voicing positive thoughts in a relationship creates an emotional and positive response from the other side. An incredibly fulfilling sense of satisfaction will engulf you. 

By practicing Positive Alacrity, you’re improving your relationship with others and uplifting yourself. Positivity only works if it’s perceived as genuine. As long as you truly believe in what you are saying, there will be a positive outcome.  


A Parting Reminder

Improving our relationships takes time and effort. Interacting positively with the ones dear to us and showing them that we care keeps a relationship healthy. And happy relationships equal happy lives!

Mălina O. R.

Mălina O. R.