What Is Stress Tracking?

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Stress is a big part of our lives. Being stressed is a normal part of our lives, from work-related stress to the stress we run in at home. We must...

Stress is a big part of our lives. Being stressed is a normal part of our lives, from work-related stress to the stress we run in at home. We must learn to monitor and control this stress as it’s becoming a rising problem.

The good news is that it has become relatively easy to track our stress levels because of modern technology. 


What Is Stress Tracking?

You may not be aware of what is causing stress in your life. That is why you have to start stress tracking. To do so, you have to keep track of the times you feel stressed by writing them down on a notepad or your phone so you can find out what triggers your stress levels.

If you don’t have the time or energy to stress track manually, worry not! There are devices precisely built for stress tracking. 

A stress tracking gadget is a device that monitors physiological stress indicators through heart rate monitors. Old technology allowed us to monitor our heartbeats per minute but now new devices have developed and function much faster.


Stress Tracking App

Stress tracking has never been easier. Because most people nowadays have a smartphone, many developers create stress-tracking apps. 


GPS for the Soul

This stress tracking app uses biofeedback to help you regulate your stress levels. Also, the app contains meditation tools such as calming pictures and soothing music. 



The Breathe2Relax app contains breathing exercises to stimulate your diaphragm and information on the adverse effects of stress on your body.


Personal Zen

Personal Zen is a stress tracking app developed by a psychology and neurosciences professor. It’s based on a series of games meant to reduce your anxiety levels.


Squeeze and Shake

On a funnier note, this stress tracking app lets you externalize your stress on a virtual rubber duck. This little yellow friend is the perfect tool for venting your anger and stress harmlessly. 


Stress Tracking Watch 

Technology made it possible for us to keep track of our stress levels. Devices such as Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch or any other smartwatch offer you the possibility to monitor your stress levels 24/7. Stress tracking watches have become popular in recent years because of heart rate variability. Heart rate variability (HRV) measures the interval between heartbeats and focuses on each of your heartbeats.

Stress tracking watches became popular because technology increased their accuracy. Nevertheless, we have to be careful when choosing a stress-tracking watch. If the heart rate sensor is not reading your heart rate accurately, it’s time to switch to a better watch. 


Best Smartwatches for Stress Tracking


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

These smartwatches have built-in heart rate monitors to help you keep track of weekly graphs and stress scores. Also, they come with an app called Samsung’s Breathing Exercises to help reduce your stress levels. 


Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

If you fight in the war between Apple and Samsung, there is a smartwatch for team Apple. These stress tracing watches use heart rate monitors as well. They use HRV measurements and center around your stress levels. In addition, the Apple smartwatch comes with the Breathe app, which reminds you every five hours to take a break from work and focus on your breathing. 


Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Luxe

A lot of people love the slick style of these stress tracking watches. Like the other smartwatches, Fitbit offers the Relax app to help diminish your stress levels. This stress tracking app boomed on the market with built-in heart rate monitors, guides for breathing exercises and meditation sessions. 


Skagen Falster 3, Fossil Gen 5 and Fossil Sport

These smartwatches enter the race for the most popular stress tracking watches on the market. The breathing exercises of this smartwatch will monitor your breathing and advise you when you should slow down for a more relaxed pace. It also provides a breathing summary and points out your breathing during the exercise. 


A Parting Reminder

Stress follows us every single day. That’s why it’s important to start tracking our stress levels and learn how to cope and reduce them. Our lives can get much easier by using these stress tracking apps and watches. Keep an eye out for what stresses you out and remember to relax.

Mălina O. R.

Mălina O. R.