The Health Benefits of Sex

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Hearing the phrase 'sexual health' sends most people to avoiding an unintended pregnancy or preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). But sexual health is a broader phrase, incorporating a person's physical...

Hearing the phrase ‘sexual health’ sends most people to avoiding an unintended pregnancy or preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). But sexual health is a broader phrase, incorporating a person’s physical and emotional well-being concerning sex and sexuality. 

A 2015 study found that the general well-being of a person is associated with sexual activity. Therefore, men and women deserve to enjoy a healthful sex life, especially when in relationships. A sexually healthy person, as defined by the American Sexual Health Association, is someone who understands sexuality as a natural part of someone’s life.


How Important Is a Healthy Sex Life?

Although sex isn’t always necessary, it can be a vital element of a happy and healthy relationship. The importance of sexual health varies from person to person. Some people believe that having a sexual relationship with their partner is essential. Others may consider other forms of intimacy and connection to be more valuable.

Having regular sex with your partner can help your general well-being, as sex is frequently associated with increased affection. Although sex can be a vital component of a relationship, having sex less frequently does not always imply that your relationship is less enjoyable. 


Is Frequent Sex Good for My Overall Health?

According to science, everyday sex can bring wonders to your health and well-being. Sex is an excellent way to maintain a healthy balance of estrogen and testosterone. It’s possible that having more sex more frequently will also help lower the risk of heart failure and improve the immune system. It is like any other physical exercise in that the health benefits it delivers can help you live longer.


Sex Health Benefits

You may be surprised by the range of sex health benefits. Sex can improve your immune system, keep your heart healthy, lower your blood pressure, relieve pain and migraines, lessen your chance of prostate cancer, improve your sleep, relieve stress, boost your cognitive power and self-esteem and extend your lifespan. 


Does Having Sex Frequently Reduce the Chances of Prostate Cancer? 

It’s been suggested that men who ejaculate regularly may be protected from prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men in the United States. For example, men who ejaculated 21 times or more per month were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who ejaculated four to seven times per month, according to research led by Micheal Leitzmann of the National Cancer Institute


Can Frequent Sex Lower Blood Pressure?

Yes, frequent sex can help lower high blood pressure. Sexual activity dilates blood arteries, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach all body parts while lowering blood pressure. There have been numerous studies on the relationship between sex and blood pressure, with one of the most important findings being that sexual intercourse lowers systolic blood pressure.


Sex and Mental Health

Sexual activity may impact your health and cognitive abilities as you grow older. According to research, although the frequency of sex will decrease as we age, sexually active people aged 50 to 90 have a better memory. They were also less prone to be lonely and depressed. 

Sex brings numerous benefits to one’s mental health, as it can help you think more clearly. According to research published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, regular sex may also help women’s memory. Women with penetrative intercourse had higher memory recognition, according to the results of a word-memory challenge. This benefit stems from how sex stimulates the hippocampus, a brain region involved in learning and memory.


Sex and Heart Disease

The benefits of sex extend to cardiovascular function, as well. Physical activities that strengthen the heart are beneficial to your health, and you should exercise three to five times per week to keep your heart in good shape. Fortunately, this includes both sex and exercise! Being sexually aroused raises the heart rate, similar to a hard workout, with the number of beats per minute rising during the climax.


Does Sex Boost the Immune System?

If you and your partner frequently engage in sex, know that it will give you a stronger immune system. IgA is an antibody that plays a fundamental role in preventing illnesses. If you have regular intercourse (one to two times per week), you will have higher IgA in your saliva. This discovery is based on a study of immunity in people in romantic relationships. IgA levels were considerably lower in people who seldom had sex (less than once a week).


Does Satisfying Sex Boost Self-Esteem?

Sex can improve your self-esteem and help you feel less insecure. Sexual intercourse can promote emotional benefits, such as enhancing self-esteem, in addition to all of the physical benefits of having frequent sex. According to a study published in the Social Psychology and Personality Science journal, college students who engaged in casual sex reported higher levels of happiness and self-esteem than those who did not.


Sex and a Better Sleep

Regular sex improves sleep because orgasms promote the production of the hormone prolactin, which aids in sleep. Aside from prolactin, a cocktail of hormones, including oxytocin, dopamine and an endorphin rush, is released in the brain during intercourse. These hormones work together to improve sleep. 


A Parting Reminder

Sexual activity can make you feel healthier and improve your well-being. In addition, regular sex with your partner is one of the best ways to keep your relationship going and alive. So, make love and enjoy it to the fullest!

Ann Y

Ann Y