Is Alone Time Important for Your Health?

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Although we're social creatures thriving on interactions with others, too much time spent in the company of others might backfire. How many times did you promise yourself to stay home,...

Although we’re social creatures thriving on interactions with others, too much time spent in the company of others might backfire. How many times did you promise yourself to stay home, all curled up in bed with a good book, just to be distracted by a knock on the door or a phone call?

Social interactions may be rewarding, sure, but so is alone time. Many people dread being left out of their friends’ latest adventures, but the fear of missing should not overcome the fact that spending time alone is essential for solid mental health. 


What is Alone Time?

Alone time is the practice of taking some time for yourself during which you can do anything you want. The period can be defined only by you. Some people need only a couple of days, but if you feel like you need a week or more of alone time, that’s normal. 

It all depends on the type of person you are — you can define your alone time as you wish. You can either practice hobbies or just lay in bed all day. Alone time cannot be defined, as the concept is subjective.


What are the Benefits of Being Alone?

But why is alone time so beneficial to people? This is a question many people ask themselves before or while spending some quality time in their own company. Before you can truly see the benefits of having some alone time, you must understand that ‘alone time’ is entirely different from ‘loneliness.’ Alone time is just a period in which you take some time away from people and enjoy some R&R. Loneliness, however, is the feeling of having no one around you.


You Have Total Control Over Your Schedule 

Alone time allows you to do whatever you want and love. You don’t have to compromise or plan yourself around other people anymore. When taking some alone time, try doing what makes you happy. Maybe you forgot about a hobby you once loved, such as reading, painting or even pottery. If you don’t find yourself carving for an old hobby, try a new one! This is your time and yours only. 



Having to continuously interact with people from your social group can make it challenging to stop and think about yourself. Self-reflection is essential when discussing a healthy lifestyle, as you are the most crucial person in your life. And before you can help others, you need a positive mindset, which you cannot achieve without self-reflection.


Alone Time Allows You to Relieve Stress

Alone time is a critical element of relaxing your mind. Spending time with people and not taking any time for yourself can stress not only your body but your mind as well. People who choose to spend some alone time enjoy relaxation and stress relief. You can spend your alone time engaging in different relaxing activities, which, in the end, will ease your mind and body. 


Alone Time Provides a Productivity Boost

One study shows that people are more productive when alone than when others surround them. Increase your productivity by taking some alone time for rest & relaxation.


Focusing On Your Health

Always having your mind occupied with other people’s needs can easily make you forget about yourself, especially when discussing health. Alone time allows us to improve our health, whether talking about mental or physical health. By reflecting on your health and noticing what is wrong, you can take the steps necessary for improvement: changing your diet, working out, visiting a therapist, etc. 


A Parting Reminder

Alone time may be scary for some, but it’s a necessary step for your well-being. It’s essential to put yourself first and do what is healthy for you, even if this may seem far-fetched to others. Next time you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed, take some alone time, which, in the end, will make you feel a million times better. And remember, do not confuse ‘alone time’ with ‘loneliness’ as they are two completely different things.

Mălina O. R.

Mălina O. R.