Different Goals in the Gym

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Going to the gym does not always look the same for everyone. Some people are going to the gym to achieve more muscle mass; some are looking to lose weight;...

Going to the gym does not always look the same for everyone. Some people are going to the gym to achieve more muscle mass; some are looking to lose weight; some are looking to gain weight; some are training for competitions. Regardless of the goals, everyone has a place in the gym setting! 

Creating goals for yourself in the gym can be simple if there is a self reflection you have been pondering on for a long time. But for some people, creating realistic goals may be difficult and planning them may be even harder. 

Some articles suggest using the SMART method to create goals for your gym career. SMART goes are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. The acronym is often used for business related goals, but they can be easily applied in your workout goals and gym goals as well! 

When you have a goal or multiple goals in the gym, it can be planned out easiest when the goals are specific and clear on what you want to attain. Rather than listing in your journal vague goals like “lose weight,” give yourself a specific number you want to attain and a specific timeline for it. If you want to be able to squat more, list the time frame you would like to reach and the specific number you think you should be able to squat in that time. 

Next, make your goals measurable. If you can track your goals as you move along, you will feel more accomplished and motivated to continue! This pairs perfectly with the specific category because measurable means being sure you have numerical items attached to the goals and being able to see and feel the progress. 

Achievable goals are vital if you want to continue progressing. Being realistic is vital so that you do not give up before you’ve reached them! Be real with yourself. Will you be able to gain 100 pounds of muscle mass in three months? Probably not. Make sure that you are not setting unrealistic standards upon yourself, otherwise you may leave the gym and never return. 

Picking relevant goals can be a challenge for some people. Consider your life currently and choose goals that could actually be beneficial and realistic with your current life priorities. Your goals should be relevant to your own unique health journey! Challenge yourself, but make sure the goals are actually relevant to your life, otherwise you may give up on them before you even begin. 

Finally, make sure your gym goals can be time-specific. Setting a timeline for your goals allows you to hold yourself accountable and stay on top of your goals. It also allows for milestones along your journey to celebrate which will prompt you to continue on in your fitness journey. 

It is important to remember that depending on your gym goals, your fitness journey will look totally different than anyone else’s. If your goal is to gain muscle mass and weight, you will obviously not have the same regimen as someone trying to cut or lose body fat overall. 

It is vital to not compare yourself to others in the gym when you are working out and creating your fitness plans. Different goals means different ways to exercise and conduct routines. Fitness looks different for every person depending on their own individual goals. Do not lose sight of your own goals by trying to compare yourself to others in the gym. 


Best Quick Tips for Your Fitness Goals 

Losing Weight 

Here are some quick tips as you begin your fitness journey to losing weight! 

  • Aim for about 50 minutes of movement a day.
  • Keep your heart rate up.
  • Try strength training of some sort at least twice a week and more if possible!
  • Watch portion sizes while eating lots of protein. 


Gaining Muscle Mass

Some quick tips to remember as you adjust your goals to gaining muscle mass are: 

  • Pick target weights and reps that are realistic and beneficial for your body.
  • Pick strength exercises that work the muscles you are trying to grow. 
  • Structure your workouts and plan accordingly to your lifestyle. 
  • Eat lots of protein rich foods! 



Looking to be more flexible overall? Here are some quick tips to keep in mind as you visit the gym and begin your fitness journey: 

  • Try some dynamic stretching before working out. 
  • Focus on static stretching after workouts. 
  • Be gentle on tight areas, but work them properly to gain flexibility. 
  • Stretch as often as you can!


Running a Faster Mile 

Is your goal to run a faster mile or just improve your running overall? Here are some quick tips to keep in mind as you visit your local gym and begin the fitness journey: 

  • Eat a proper diet!
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Maintain a moderate body weight.
  • Have proper techniques when running.
  • Have proper attire including shoes and clothing.
  • Be as active as possible in general.
  • Train your core!
  • Make sure you are breathing properly as you run.


Everyone has fitness goals related to their own lifestyles and desires in life. When you start your own journey, do not be discouraged by others who seem more impressive than you in the gym. Instead, focus on your own journey and see what sorts of training would be best for your goals. Listen to your body and maintain a healthy balance to stay happy and healthy as you achieve your goals.

Riley George

Riley George


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