7 Healthy Foods for Picky Eaters

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We all have our likes and dislikes when talking about food. Although picky eaters stay away from many types of foods, they still have to get their bodies vitamins and...

We all have our likes and dislikes when talking about food. Although picky eaters stay away from many types of foods, they still have to get their bodies vitamins and nutrition. So, what are the seven healthy foods that any picky eater might enjoy?


What Defines a Picky Eater?

A picky eater is a person that has a unique preference for food. They get thrown off by the dish’s taste, smell and look. Many picky eaters refuse the same types of foods over and over. They often do not give a second chance to a dish once they know they dislike it. 

Picky eaters usually set their likes and dislikes from a young age, which can be a big problem as toddlers need as many vitamins as possible for a healthy growing process. Many picky eaters tend to stay away from homemade food, vegetables and fruits. When developing these preferences in food, children tend to choose only sweet and savory food, such as fast food and sweets.


Is There Any Healthy Food for the Picky Eater? 

There is always a healthy choice for any picky eater out there. Picky eaters need to try and eat healthy food because they are in much need of vitamins and nutrients. Some picky eaters tend to choose vitamin pills over healthy food because they do not interfere with their unique preference for food. It is highly advised to eat healthy food rather than take vitamin pills, as fruit and vegetables give you precisely what your body needs to grow and remain healthy. 


Healthy Meals for Picky Eaters


#1: Fruit

Picky eaters should give fruit a chance because they can prepare them into numerous healthy and delicious dishes. Maybe try fruit chips, ice pops, smoothies, yogurt, shortcakes, tarts and the famous fruit salad. The possibilities are endless!. Have an apple pie or some candied fruit. 


#2: Raw Vegetables 

Raw veggies may sound like too much for a picky eater. The trick is to pick thin vegetables and cut them into small portions. For picky eaters, the size of the food can be overwhelming. Try carrots, cucumbers or peas in the beginning and work your way up to bigger vegetables, such as celery and cauliflower. 

The dislike that some picky eaters have towards broccoli develops at a young age. Because of this, broccoli will usually be the last vegetable they will embrace.

Try tricking your brain into eating these vegetables by serving them on the side of your dish with some ranch or yogurt. 


#3: Homemade Bread Dishes 

Picky eaters usually like bread, so they have to use it to their advantage. Use your imagination when preparing the meal. Hot pockets are a great choice because you can change the filling each time. Try filling them with tomato sauce or cheese. Later on, try more complicated fillings and add more ingredients. Other homemade bread dishes you can try are flatbread or french toast sticks.


#4: Meats

Picky eaters also enjoy soft food. Preparing some juicy meatballs will be perfect for a picky eater. When preparing the meatballs, be careful about the size you want to give them. Picky eaters are more likely to prefer small-sized over big-sized foods. 

If you don’t have the time to prepare meatballs, try deli meat. Because they can be cut into small slices or shredded, ham and turkey will make the perfect meal for a picky eater. Grab a tortilla, spread cream of your choosing, sprinkle some deli meat inside and wrap it. It’s that simple! Picky eaters prefer to take bites from their meals instead of cutting them into pieces because it gives them a level of comfort. 

Start small if you’re trying to add a little bit of spice into a picky eater’s diet. Bacon is perfect because it’s simple and full of flavor. Another great choice is beef jerky. Not all beef jerky products are unhealthy, but you have to check the sodium level on the package of the product before you buy it. Beef jerky is also full of flavor and proteins.


#5: Nuts

The majority of picky eaters are big fans of nuts. Peanuts, pistachios, almonds, chickpeas and cashews are a great success among picky eaters. If you don’t like plain nuts, you can trick your brain by coating them with honey or spices. Roasting nuts is also a good idea.


#6: Cheese

Everybody loves cheese, and picky eaters are no exception. Because cheese comes in so many varieties, there is a 100% chance picky eaters will find at least one type of cheese they will like. Besides the numerous types of cheese, the ways you can cook and serve it are endless. 

Cheese’s versatile flavors give us the perfect opportunity to add different food to it. Vegetables are usually the best choice. Spread some leaves on the grilled cheese, add some tomatoes next to the mozzarella or dip some baby carrots into melted cheese.


#7: Granola Bars

Granola bars are already a healthy snack that can replace sweets such as cookies. But the best detail about granola bars is that you can pair them with anything you like. You can add anything from fruits and seeds to chocolate chips. You can also add cream to your granola bar. 

Another great detail is that you can give them the size you wish. We know picky eaters prefer smaller servings, making granola bars the perfect snack. 


A Parting Reminder

Being a picky eater is not such a bad thing. We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to food. But it is essential to keep ourselves healthy, which can be tricky when talking about a picky eater. Try adding healthy dishes to your diet, even if it may be challenging.

Mălina O. R.

Mălina O. R.