Cultivating a Room of Excellence: Chris Himel’s IV Biz Bash Event and the Future of Medicine

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"Our true mission is that we want to impact 1 million alternative medicine practitioners and holistic medicine business owners so they can go out and affect a thousand people. And...

“Our true mission is that we want to impact 1 million alternative medicine practitioners and holistic medicine business owners so they can go out and affect a thousand people. And with that, we can impact the health and the life of a billion people,” Chris Himel said. 


The second annual IV Biz Bash event, held on October 13th through 15th in Austin, Texas, is a collaborative event for medical professionals to increase sales, gain insight into social media marketing, learn marketing strategies and create connections with other professionals in the industry. 


Financial worry is typical for most people in the United States, and medical professionals are no different. They stress like anyone else, which can affect their business and overall wellness. 


“And that’s something we as a company are on a mission to solve. And if we solve the first problem- that’s helping the business owners- we can solve the second problem of getting the modalities and these new things coming out into the hands of the consumers so they can stop suffering. Most people just don’t know there are things out there they can do to live a more vibrant life, and some of it’s a simple medic task,” Himel said. 


The thing about IV therapy is that only some medical professionals know the proper ways to market the treatment. Oftentimes, medical marketing involves a bland commercial that consumers dislike seeing or a lot of description with little interaction. However, the IV Biz Bash event is seeking to change this narrative and give the professionals in the field something else to create that will attract consumers on a different level. 



“Attendees will get the chance to network with some of the top people in the industry and learn everything they need to know. If you want to add IV therapy if you haven’t already, if you want to know how to make it better, how to increase your profits on the IV therapy side, and learn about what regulations are coming out so you can run it safely as well this event is for you,” he said. 


On the last day of the event, they are hosting a workshop with five different rooms for more intimate hands-on help from their top speakers. Then, on Friday night, they will have a VIP dinner and speaker and host a huge party on Saturday night. The event seeks to combine business and fun for an unforgettable experience to gain exposure and connections to those in the IV therapy field. 


Last year, the IV Biz Bash event looked slightly different for Himel and his team. The event had the attendees working more independently. In contrast, this year’s IV Biz Bash event will have professionals mingle together and ask questions with more people involved and special speakers covering the most critical topics. 


“Our core mission is all towards a bigger picture. And in alternative medicine, it’s not hard for us to know if something is a good fit. So, regarding our business goals, ‘we ask how do we reach that $1 million practitioner?’ How do we reach them so we can reach a billion people and, in return, make their lives better so they don’t have to suffer? It is all about helping people,” Himel said. 


As a business owner, one is always asking how to improve their business and increase revenue. And that’s what the IV Biz Bash event is seeking to do- it is answering all those questions for business owners and medical professionals in the world of IV therapy. The space allows people to ask questions and take advice from those already in the IV therapy space. 



“You know, if you’re thinking about adding red light therapy, you are able to have conversations with red light therapy users. You get the chance to talk about everything, like adding in a sauna, rather than just doing some research online. And you’re going to be in the room and ask those questions from real users,” he said. 


Spaces like this event are rare in the medical world. Oftentimes, medical professionals are alone or at least feel alone with introducing new medical equipment or regenerative medicine into their practice. However, the IV Biz Bash event is seeking to close this gap and answer the questions that professionals have through others in the industry. 


“This event is not just like a medical seminar, but you’re going to leave here with growth stories. We heard from people last year that went from $1 million to $5 million yearly in revenue. You get the chance to optimize your training and marketing and add new modalities. You come out on fire, and the next three months will be the best three months of your calendar year because you’re just gonna absolutely crush it,” Himel said. 


Being able to host so many medical professionals at one event is the opportunity of a lifetime. Spots are limited, but the knowledge that medical professionals and those in regenerative medicine will experience is unfathomable. Register today at https://www.ivbizbash.com to attend this life and business-changing event. 


Riley George

Riley George