Health Benefits of an Avocado & How to Grow Them

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If you ever wondered about the process of planting and growing your very own avocado tree, this article will help you get started. Besides the amazing taste, avocados can bring...

If you ever wondered about the process of planting and growing your very own avocado tree, this article will help you get started. Besides the amazing taste, avocados can bring surreal benefits to our health. So why not plant an avocado seed in your own garden or even in a clay pot? Not only will you finally have your personal avocado tree, but the beautiful scenery it brings alongside will make it all worth it. 


The Path from Seed to Tree

Growing your own avocado tree calls for patience. An avocado tree can take around five years to grow enough and start producing the fruit. Are you ready to start growing your very own avocado tree? 


First Steps 

Take an avocado seed and four toothpicks. Find the middle of the seed around its circumference. Poke and insert the toothpick about ¼ to ½ inches. Take the rest of the toothpicks and repeat the process, keeping in mind to place them at an equal distance from each other. 

Take your seed and place it over a glass filled with water. The toothpicks should be holding the seed dangling with just 1 inch of its bottom (the flat part) in the water. Give the seed some time to grow its roots by putting the glass in direct sunlight. Don’t forget to fill in the water that the seed will consume. Around every four to five days, you will need to change the water completely. 



When the stem grows to around 6 to 7 inches tall, cut it in half. This process will let the plant focus its energy on growing.The stem should grow to around 6 to 7 inches tall after eight weeks. If not, you will need to restart the process with another seed.



After the plant grows multiple leaves and roots, you can finally take the seed and plant it in potting soil. The pot needs to be 10-inch-wide and have drainage holes. Don’t forget to leave the top half of the seed uncovered. Water the plant deeply every time you feel the soil is dry until you can see the water running out through the drainage holes. Always keep the plant in partial sunlight, so the leaves don’t burn. 

The tree needs to be pruned regularly. Each time the plant grows 6 inches, remove the top two sets of leaves. As it reaches 12 inches, trim it back to 6 inches and from 18 inches to 12 inches, and so on.  


Taking Care of the Plant

Fertilizing the plant with zinc and nitrogen during the summertime is necessary.

Yellow leaves mean the plant has been overwatered, and it needs some time to dry. Always keep in mind the temperature of the environment where the tree is kept. The avocado tree, originating from Mexico, is in much need of warmth (nothing less than 60°F). 


The Health Benefits of Avocados

Besides the delicious taste and gorgeousness, avocados come with various health benefits.


Outstanding Source of Nutrients 

Some of the nutrients the avocado fruit holds are magnesium, folate, vitamin C, potassium and vitamin B2 which are some of the essentials lacking in many people’s diets. 


A Wise Choice during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Because of its large number of nutrients, the avocado fruit is a very clever choice to consume during pregnancy. As we all know, pregnancy requires as many vitamins as possible for a smooth sail. 


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

If you choose to follow a diet rich in fiber and vitamins, adding avocado to the list is a clever choice. Studies have found that avocados intensify weight loss and lower belly fat. Other studies show that there is an existent link between folate levels (i.e., vitamin B in charge of metabolizing amino acids) and depression. Folate helps prevent the homocysteine (i.e., common amino acids we obtain from eating meat) buildup. The excessive accumulation of homocysteine can prevent the production of serotonin and dopamine, chemicals that influence our mood, sleep schedule and appetite.  


A Parting Thought 

If you decide to embark on the adventure of growing an avocado tree, keep in mind that an exciting journey lies ahead of you. It is quite thrilling to watch an avocado tree grow. The rewarding feeling you will experience when the first avocado fruit appears is priceless!

Mălina O. R.

Mălina O. R.