5 Possible Wellness Benefits of IV Therapy

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People are nowadays looking for the quickest way to make the most out of something, which is understandable, given our fast-paced lifestyle. One trend that has caught on in recent...

People are nowadays looking for the quickest way to make the most out of something, which is understandable, given our fast-paced lifestyle. One trend that has caught on in recent years is Intravenous Therapy or IV Therapy. If it sounds familiar to you, it may be because you’ve heard of celebrities like Madonna and Rihanna swearing by this form of therapy’s benefits.



What Is IV Therapy?

IV therapy directly administers fluids packed with specific nutrients and minerals to the body through blood vessels. Since it bypasses the digestive system, this express method of jamming our bloodstream with essential vitamins has recently become a popular alternative to taking oral supplements. IV therapy can either be given via injection or hydration drip. 



IV Therapy Makes Up for Nutritional Deficits

One of IV therapy’s benefits is it allows one to be very specific in choosing which nutrients and minerals enter one’s body. You can choose whatever vitamins you desire when undertaking the therapy. However, it has to be noted that it is still a medical procedure at heart and must be performed by an expert in the medical field.

Since it allows for the flexibility of hand-picking the nutrients and minerals to be infused, IV therapy can treat nutritional deficiencies such as iron deficiency. Complex disorders and malabsorption issues can also be treated this way. In addition, diseases such as Crohn’s, Celiac disease and cystic fibrosis can be potentially treated with IV therapy as well.



IV Therapy Can Help Manage Weight 

Going for IV therapy to help in weight management can be very beneficial for someone trying to reduce those pesky numbers on the weighing scale. Sometimes we all need a little help in this department and having a nudge from modern medical technology is nothing to be ashamed of. 

Choosing an infusion of key nutrients like carnitine, an essential amino acid that turns fat into energy, and alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant that helps boost metabolism, can assist people with weight management. However, it has to be noted that IV therapy should be used in a supplemental way rather than an outright replacement to regular exercise and diet. IV therapy helps in weight management, but patients who opt for it must still exercise consistently and eat properly.



IV Therapy Promotes Better Cardiovascular Health

A healthier heart makes our bodies healthier, too! As we get older, it’s only natural that our bodies begin to weaken. Therefore, we should be trying our best to improve our cardiovascular health. With IV therapy, keeping our hearts healthy should be more easily achieved. 

Opting for IV therapy that improves cardiovascular health can include a mix of magnesium sulfate, calcium, tri amino and arginine, as these four compounds specifically assist in blood-related functions

  • Magnesium has been observed to play a role in blood pressure regulation. 
  • Calcium regulates how blood vessels dilate and contract.  
  • Tri-amino and arginine assist in blood pressure reduction.



IV Therapy Can Boost Energy Levels

Are you feeling a little sluggish? B-complex vitamins, such as vitamin B12 and B9, are a go-to source for our bodies’ energy. IV vitamin therapy focusing on the B family of vitamins can give one’s body a more ‘natural’ boost of energy compared to ingesting sodas, coffee and energy drinks that could otherwise be unhealthy for one’s body.

The B family of vitamins are much-needed nutrients for the body, and a boost in the system can help natural energy levels rise. They’re also a big help in curbing whatever cravings you have for unhealthy foods.



IV Therapy Can Enhance Immunity

Considering any nutrient or mineral can be used in an IV therapy drip, vitamin C and zinc can be utilized to provide an extra nudge in assisting with immune responses and overall health.

Vitamin C is well known for being an antioxidant that promotes the well-being and health of one’s immune system. On the other hand, zinc is a mineral observed to help strengthen the immune system via protection against infections.



A Parting Reminder

While IV therapy is certainly a valid option in obtaining all these effects and benefits, one can consume the appropriate foods to receive the same benefits, albeit orally! So whether you choose to go for IV therapy as a supplemental addition to your routine or go the usual way of eating your vegetables and exercising regularly, the important thing is these are all keys to achieving a healthier and better you!

Yuko Tabasa

Yuko Tabasa