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The Triuvne: mind + body + spirit + hardcore bodybuilding = a skilled blending of science, sweat, and empiricism In 2024, Davis Advanced Health System (DAHS) celebrated its 47th year...

The Triuvne: mind + body + spirit + hardcore bodybuilding = a skilled blending of science, sweat, and empiricism

In 2024, Davis Advanced Health System (DAHS) celebrated its 47th year of continual operation. DAHS is, and always has been, an eclectic blending of disparate disciplines, differing strategies, diverse methodologies, and ancient wisdom juxtaposed with cutting-edge science. Scientists seek to expand their knowledge, while fundamentalists seek to defend fixed positions. Being science-based and expansive, DAHS has undergone 47 years of continuous evolution. Our most recent evolutionary influence came from an unexpected source: the strange, odd, unusual world of hardcore competitive bodybuilding.

Experts and mentors told me that bodybuilding was absolutely the worst possible endeavor for an athlete to engage in. I went to college on a baseball scholarship, and as a black belt in karate, I fought and won tournaments. I was informed weight training would “slow down the ballplayer’s reflexes” or “interfere with chi flow.” This was quite possibly the worst advice (offered by fundamentalists!) I have ever gotten. As it turns out, bodybuilding provided me with the final piece, completing the puzzle of wellness and health I had been working on my entire life. Bodybuilding added the piece de resistance, a transformative methodology, to the overarching DAHS strategy.

My lifelong occupation is bringing relief to those in pain or injured. I offer guidance to those seeking to overcome health calamities and create remedial regimens for those wanting to improve their current fitness, health, and wellness. The Davis Advanced Health System has accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge, gathered the hard way – through one cured patient at a time. I am so much better at my tradecraft in 2024 compared to those early days in the 1980s when our science was ancient, and my patient experience was in its infancy. Fast forward to 2024; our science is lightyears superior, and our in-the-trenches empirical knowledge is now encyclopedic.



In 2017, I unexpectedly took my own health, wellness, fitness, muscularity, leanness, and vitality to the next level when I became immersed in competitive bodybuilding – this commencing at the advanced age of sixty-six. Over the next six years, I participated in a series of competitions. In each successive outing, each successive year, I moved up in my competitive placing. In 2023, I won the National Physique Committee (NPC) national championships in my age division and weight class. In doing so, I won the right to compete as an International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB) professional bodybuilder. In 2024, I won the IFBB world championships in my age division and weight class.


IFBB bodybuilding judges are the strictest and most credentialled in all of bodybuilding. These cold-eyed professionals verified the dramatic and consistent improvements in my all-natural physique. The lessons I learned during my recent bodybuilding career are now woven into the existing DAHS methodology – creating a sort of DAHS 2.0. My bodybuilding realizations have tremendous applicability for “regular folks,” those simply interested in improving their physique and degree of fitness. At DAHS, the overarching “bodybuilding template” has been integrated, skillfully modified, and made “user-friendly” for individuals with zero athletic ambitions and no competitive aspirations.


The primary reasons the bodybuilding template delivers its promised results are the degree of intensity generated in training and the degree of precision required nutritionally. Mild training and semi-strict dieting will only get a person so far. First, those who want to optimize their fitness must establish a comprehensive template. Then, learn how to inject intensity into the training and precision into the dieting, thereby accelerating “the process.” Weekly resistance training and near-daily aerobic exercise require limit-equaling or limit-exceeding effort. Capacities shift day to day and week to week. However – we can give 100% of what we are capable of on that day.



Jettison all industrial foods, fake foods, stuff that comes in a plastic bag, fast food, sweets, sodas, beer, food out of cans, and zero in on insulin-spiking foods… clean up the food content, break the day’s calories into smaller meals and more frequent “feedings.” No cheat days or time off. Nutrition is what drives and characterizes the process. Many bodybuilders will use “supplement meals” regularly. A protein shake and a sports nutrition bar (assuming you select the right ones) can provide 40-50 grams of protein, 80 grams of slow-release carbohydrates and 400 calories.


Mimic the bodybuilding template: combine resistance training, cardiovascular training, and diet discipline. Add training intensity and get serious about cleaning up food and drink. Do so for three months. You will undergo an incredible physical transformation if you are tenacious and adhere to the protocol. At the end of the first month, you will notice profound physical changes; at the end of the second month, friends and family will notice and comment; at the end of the third month, strangers will notice. Use bodybuilding tactics to reinvent yourself.


Each interrelated discipline needs to have its own individualized goals, separate guidelines, and signature techniques. Bodybuilding has innumerable intricate specifics. What lessons were learned from my blending of DAHS with the late-in-life lessons I learned from bodybuilding? As the creator, longtime subscriber, and beneficiary of the benefits of DAHS, I had a jump-start on health and wellness. However, despite being “fit for my age,” I lacked the “super fit” levels that lay dormant within me. Bodybuilding systematically increased my training capacities, hardening and muscling up my body. I had unwavering adherence to the bodybuilding nutritional approach. Here are bodybuilding’s big check squares…



  •   Establish the overarching template: Differing disciplines combine to make up the bodybuilding template. Nutrition is the foundational practice of bodybuilding and underpins resistance training and aerobic training. Establish the rhythm between the reoccurring training and multiple mini meals. After a protracted period, the body shifts from carb-burning to a fat-burning metabolism.
  •   Resistance training: Bodybuilding resistance training differs from strength training. The goal is to “pump” a targeted muscle, whereas strength training seeks to increase poundage handling ability. Classically, the bodybuilder repeatedly pumps a muscle. There are 3-4 exercises per body part, 3-5 sets per exercise, 8-15 rep sets, and 3-4 body parts per workout. Sessions are necessarily long.
  •   Bodybuilding nutrition: Consume 4-6 clean-calorie meals every day. Break the day’s calories into smaller, easier-to-digest amounts. What are clean calories? Lean protein, fiber carbs, complex starch carbs, and natural organic foodstuffs. The backbone of bodybuilding nutrition is the expert use of regular food. Most bodybuilders supplement with a quality protein powder. Always synchronize nutrition with training.
  •   Aerobic element: Cardio is critical. The secret to improving body composition is to lock in a strict bodybuilding diet and use cardio exercise to jack up the metabolism, thus amplifying body fat oxidation. Elite bodybuilders engage in pre-breakfast cardio to take advantage of low glycogen coming off the “sleep fast.” Sweat is commonsense proof that cardio is sufficiently intense.
  •   DAHS + Bodybuilding: Davis Advanced Health System is based on hard science, modern technology, consistent monitoring, and five decades of patient experience. As DAHS has evolved and matured, experience has guided our evolution. The additional knowledge gained via my immersion into bodybuilding has altered and improved DAHS. Progress is our most important product.
  •   Blood work—before, during, and after: DAHS has made the analysis of the patient’s blood the primary determiner of progress. While we monitor body fat percentile, body weight, etc., we use the periodic blood profile analysis as a primary benchmark. As the old science saying goes, “Blood doesn’t lie.”  One of the goals of DAHS is to improve patient blood profiles over time and with corrective action.
  •   Metabolic typing: I have long subscribed to the tenets of metabolic typing and the idea that each of us is predisposed to operate optimally using certain nutrients and should studiously avoid other nutrients. Some foods make for poor food fuel, and some foods make for excellent food fuel; it depends on our metabolic “type.” Simple testing determines our optimal food fuels.
  •   Supplements: Taking the wrong supplements in the wrong amounts at the wrong time is counterproductive and a waste of money. Conversely, taking the right supplements in the right amounts at just the right time will amplify and accelerate progress. The trick is knowing which supplements to take, when, and in what amounts. Every supplement should have a specific reason for being taken.
  •   Mind Games and Neuroplasticity: One reason I took up competitive bodybuilding at an advanced age was that I was seeking a new endeavor that would invoke the miracle of neuroplasticity. I wanted a brand-new undertaking, something that I had zero background or experience in. I was a bodybuilding ignoramus, which made it a perfect neuroplasticity choice.
  •   Putting it all together: I made bodybuilding a lifestyle. I ate six meals a day. I really enjoy the foods that make up the bodybuilding diet. Over time, the bodybuilder becomes better at food prep; you learn new ways to inject flavor into the narrow band of repeating foods like chicken, fish, shellfish, lean beef, fiber vegetables, and complex carbs. The result-oriented training was always a joy and never a chore.



At Davis Advanced Health System, our reoccurring goal is to heal whatever malady, condition, injury, or adverse health situation a patient might find themselves in. Many patients and students desire more once they attain or regain physical health and wellness hemostasis. They want to optimize their fitness, more muscularity, and serious leanness. People are inquisitive and ask me about the tenets of bodybuilding. I tell them that result-producing bodybuilding is not a casual undertaking; I make them aware of the depth and totality of the commitment.


I have good news: Done right, bodybuilding delivers the promised results. While its tenets and commandments are harsh and uncompromising, the rapidity of results is directly proportional to the totality of the commitment. As an extra-added bonus, hardcore, all-natural, holistic bodybuilding is indisputably the optimal system for slowing the aging process. As it turns out, bodybuilding is the finest anti-aging system ever devised. Trust me, I know this to be true.

Dr. Ken Davis

Dr. Ken Davis


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