Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Coach

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Michelle Emmick has 20 years of experience in the aesthetic field. She has worked in the plastic surgery chain, including small practice and startup companies acquiring plastic surgery practices. Focusing...

Michelle Emmick has 20 years of experience in the aesthetic field. She has worked in the plastic surgery chain, including small practice and startup companies acquiring plastic surgery practices. Focusing on improving patient experience, Michelle has performed over 10,000 cosmetic consultations. She has trained over 3000 staff members, including doctors, front desk, and back-office staff.

In her attempt to provide next-level patient experience through virtual education and support, Michelle Emmick co-founded MyCoachMD. As CEO, Michelle Emmick offers two primary services: educating and providing non-medical support to consumers interested in cosmetic procedures. Furthermore, Michelle Emmick is determined to make the process easy for patients and help uncover their aesthetics, all within their budget.

Plastic Surgery and Perspective

“Even though plastic surgery has so many benefits, 70 percent of the people that call in for information will never set foot in the door because there are so many negative connotations out there, but we are trying to help people have a positive belief in what plastic surgery can do for them,” said Michelle Emmick in an interview with Top Doctor Magazine. She is determined to answer people’s questions in a way that eliminates all fear.

Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Coach

Transitioning to Telemedicine: Technology and its Impact on Aesthetics Medicine

Michelle Emmick explains that the virtual consultation has been a game-changer for the industry by allowing potential patients to get comfortable with the doctors right from the comfort of their homes. She revealed that the pandemic triggered a huge boom in the business.

“More people were working from home, which caused less social interaction, and people spent more time on social media; this led to hypercriticism of somebody’s appearance and triggered the need to look and feel better,” added Michelle.

Pandemic and its Effect on the Cosmetic Field

Michelle revealed that the lockdown triggered a selfie boom, and the filters on social media created hypersensitivity to people’s image. Sadly, it also created negative self-esteem. There was just overall self-obsession, which surprised and triggered people’s interest in cosmetic surgery.

“For years, doctors have been rushed between visits, but the pandemic created an opportunity to space out appointments, giving them more time to create a better patient experience. Of course, there are many awful things about the virus, but we looked at the positives and continue to do what we can to change people’s lives,” said Michelle Emmick.

Learning to Improve Patient Experience

Michelle Emmick added that it is vital to educate people on procedures and services they can do for themselves. She emphasized that this is key to having an aesthetic procedure, and it is the best investment people can make for themselves.

“I just always want to make sure that people are confident in their decisions too.”

If you would like to learn more about Michelle and her company, please visit her website: www.MyCoachMD.com

Check out her best-selling book Blue-Collar Beauty: Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Coach here.

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