You’re Never Too Old to Play: 20 Joyful Activities to Add to Your Self-care Routine

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Finding joy and meaning in life keeps us young, so we should never shy away from finding something that brings us enjoyment. People are never too old to try a...

Finding joy and meaning in life keeps us young, so we should never shy away from finding something that brings us enjoyment. People are never too old to try a new activity that might seem fit only for the young crowd. So, what’s stopping you from engaging in joyful activities that will do wonders to your physical and mental health? You may believe it to be an annoyingly outdated truism, but, indeed, age is just a number, as long as you make it so.

Add Something New to Your Daily Activities

When was the last time you opened a cookbook and took a shot at expanding your culinary knowledge? So many people don’t find time to cook or try new recipes, which is hard to understand since cooking can be such a relaxing and rewarding activity! Of course, we’re not talking about French fries or mashed potatoes. Instead, grab some friends and sweeten it up with a crazy dessert recipe! 

Don’t be afraid to create a mess—the first try is never perfect. Fancy hot chocolate is always a terrific start if you want to start small. Whipped cream, sprinkles, cookies, berries, marshmallows—anything you can think of, you can add into the cup. 

Next, look through your wardrobe. Find a T-shirt that you already know hasn’t been your favorite lately. Then, buy a tie-dye kit and let your imagination fly sky high! Create something unique while having fun at the same time.

One thing is sure—we always style our hair, and mostly we style it with monotony. It’s time to mix it up by challenging yourself and trying new hairstyles every day. French braids and ponytails always bring back that youthful feeling we all need in our lives.

Pick Up New Hobbies

There is no shame in trying something new because you never know what you might enjoy. Knitting always seems like the hobby everyone wants to get on but never does. So, challenge your creativity and create a blouse, scarf or even a simple coaster. We all have to begin somewhere. 

Braiding bracelets is also a refreshing hobby if you think knitting is not for you. Pick up a pattern and create bracelets for your friends or family. This hobby allows the finished product to be gifted and keeps your mind sharp.

Maybe hobbies that involve your hands and body are not your type. But there are always alternatives for everyone. One of the oldest and most known hobbies is reading. The variety of genres and authors will keep you engaged, help you learn new words and train your mind! 

Not a fan of the written or printed word? Audiobooks are always a splendid alternative! You can listen to an audiobook when taking a bath, mowing your lawn or doing household chores. It is phenomenal how audiobooks allow you to kill two birds with one stone!

If you feel like taking up a hobby that involves exercising and being fun simultaneously, buy either a hula hoop, a yoga mat or a jumping rope. These exercises require very little time from your schedule and give you the boat of energy you need.

Do Something That Makes You Feel Young

Dancing is an activity that brings out youthfulness in everyone! It is a fun way of exercising that allows for infinite versatility—you can never get bored of it! So, grab a couple of friends and throw a dancing party every now and then, with different thematics and costumes. 

Grab some makeup and try that look you were too afraid to see on you. Use that shade from your pallet you never touched, draw that big wing you always feared and put on the most scandalous lipstick color you own.

Video games are such a big part of teens’ lives right now, so why not give them a try? There are endless video games from which you can choose. You have to find something that brings you joy and can keep you hooked. Maybe you will enjoy gardening games or the ones involving strategy—it doesn’t matter. Video games keep your mind young and train your reflexes. 

Have some friends and pull out that dusted Scrabble game from the wardrobe! Board games such as backgammon, Monopoly, chess, Sorry!, Rummy and Pictionary are always great when played with friends. 

Every young teen had a journal in which they wrote anything that flew through their mind. And, of course, somehow, it always ended up in your mother’s hands. But now it’s yours and yours only. So, vent your feelings in a journal, and you will feel exactly like a teenager.

Rewatch your favorite series or childhood cartoon, and don’t forget the popcorn. So what if you already watched it a hundred times? That’s why it is your favorite! Grab a cozy blanket and a comfortable pillow and start binging. 

Go for a picnic in the park with your significant other or some friends. Prepare small sandwiches and some refreshing apple juice that will make you feel like a small child. 

Listen to a podcast while driving to work. This will keep you curious until you return for your drive back home. I bet your favorite YouTuber has a podcast, so start from there! 

This may seem like a chore, but organizing and reorganizing your home can bring you joy! It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Start by grabbing those used napkins from your desk and organizing your books and plants. 

Go to the park and jump on the first swing you see. I bet you will get some looks thrown at you, but worrying about it should be your last problem. Feel like a kid again and allow no one to stop you! 

Grab some fresh flowers that will improve the scenery of your house. Flowers do not have to be gifted to you by someone all the time. Instead, you can head to the flower shop by yourself and grab the first bouquet that stands out. 

Lastly, you can always grab your fanciest clothes and have a dress-up by yourself, just like when you were young. You are never too old for dress-up, but you can wear your clothes this time instead of your mum’s.

A Parting Reminder

Many activities can bring joy to your life, but first, you have to find out which ones are perfect for you. Never be afraid to explore your possibilities and do what makes you feel young. Then, you can spread the joy and ask your friends to join in for a great day!

Mălina O. R.

Mălina O. R.