Why You Shouldn’t Skip Spring Cleaning This Year

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It’s almost that time of year where people tend to participate in spring cleaning! This dreaded time of year may actually be more beneficial to your health than you realize....

It’s almost that time of year where people tend to participate in spring cleaning! This dreaded time of year may actually be more beneficial to your health than you realize. It is not just mentally helpful but physically. 

Cleaning your house, apartment, condo or living space looks different for everyone, but one thing is for sure- it has incredible benefits for everyone involved. Cleaning is important for your home and even more important for your health.


Ways That Spring Cleaning Can Benefit Your Health 

The first way that spring cleaning benefits your health is by simply improving air quality in your home. Throughout the winter season, your home acquires a build up of dust or dirt. Allergens build up the entire winter and can cause breathing or health issues in the spring. Cleaning and clearing out the dust and build up can do wonders for your breathing this spring!

This also falls into the idea that cleaning out your space can strengthen your immune system. So many things build up over winter and can irritate your allergies. While spring cleaning you should focus on a few cleaning aspects that will help eliminate these allergens from your space

  1. Vacuum any rugs, cobwebs, curtains, and spaces that you can. This will help eliminate the dust build up and smaller materials not necessarily visible to the human eye. 
  2. Wash bedding, blankets and pillows. Putting pillows on high heat will help eliminate dust mites
  3. Take shoes off at the door to avoid dragging dust and dirt into the home. 


Cleaning spaces consistently and maintaining that cleanliness can eliminate bacterias and germs if done properly. This can result in less sickness in your home and better health overall for anyone who enters your home. 

Another way spring cleaning can benefit your health is through reducing stress. Clutter goes hand-in-hand with stress. Seeing the mess and clutter of build up from winter can cause a lot of stress until it is dealt with. Stress can harm your health in more ways than you even realize, so it is best to avoid it by doing the things to avoid it such as spring cleaning. 

Clearing and cleaning can also help your focus! Removing distractions and marking things off your “To Do List” can improve your focus immensely. The less distractions for your brain the better your focus will be. Focus and depression are closely related according to some research. By keeping a clean space, depression can be helped at least a little.  

A final reason you should not skip your spring cleaning this year is because the cleaning can actually reduce the risk of injury for you and anyone who enters your home. Think about how cleaning up the items everywhere can prevent accidents such as tripping and therefore, eliminate injury. Sometimes just cleaning up some space can prevent injuries which is good for everyone for obvious reasons! 


Closing Thoughts 

The point is that with Spring Cleaning 2023 almost upon us, it may be time for you to plan out how you want to conduct your cleaning. It can have more benefits than just a clean home. Your health should be prioritized, and spring cleaning may just be one way to do that. By focusing on cleaner habits, your health journey could seriously improve in ways you would not have realized otherwise.

Riley George

Riley George


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