Vision and Innovation: An Interview With Dr. Peter Michael, MD-MBA

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"Who wants to be basic when you can be better?" says Dr. Peter Michael. TopDoc Clinics has gained a member who brings his unique vision to the team. Dr. Peter...

“Who wants to be basic when you can be better?” says Dr. Peter Michael.

TopDoc Clinics has gained a member who brings his unique vision to the team. Dr. Peter Michael, MD-MBA, is excited to improve his patients’ lives as he adds his significant contributions to an extraordinary group of medical innovators. 

“With TopDoc, I want to combine regenerative medicine, anti-aging, oral and IV vitamin supplementation and procedures that prevent injuries. We can combine all that with the physical therapy program and add ozone therapy, cryotherapy, hyperbaric chamber and anti-aging protocols, which I design. People can get medications delivered straight to the house,” he shared.

This is just a glimpse into his vision. Dr. Michael clearly sees the vast potential of TopDoc Clinics.


A Straightforward Career Path



Miami has always been Dr. Michael’s home, and he’s wanted to be a doctor since childhood. 

“My mom was an internal medicine physician, and I loved how her patients absolutely adored her,” Dr. Michael recalled. “My dad was a veterinarian. When I was about three, I saw them getting so many Christmas presents. So I thought that if you become a doctor, you’d get way more presents!”

Beyond all those presents, his interest was solidified as he saw firsthand the love his parents had for their professions.

“It gave them so much joy, which led me down this path,” he shared.  


All in Miami

Dr. Michael grew up, went to college, attended medical school and completed his residency all in Miami. In fact, he had only applied to the University of Miami. He’d received letters from other schools, including Ivy League schools, but Miami remained the place for him.

“I knew where I wanted to go. I love this city so much that I consider it my own! I know so many people here, and I’ve developed a large network with many connections that I use to help other people,” he explained.

It was a fellowship with one of the world’s leading experts in musculoskeletal ultrasound, Dr. Marco Bodor, that temporarily pried Dr. Michael from Miami and landed him in Napa Valley, California. It was an opportunity he could not ignore.


The MD-MBA Program

In medical school, Dr. Michael helped create an MD-MBA program. He and one other student became the first to enroll in it. 

“We helped formulate the idea of a dual program. They called us Adam and Eve,” he shared.

This dual-degree program adds management, operations, finance and economics knowledge in a medical setting. Typically, a student first gets admitted to medical school and then applies to the MBA program. The program usually takes five years to complete.

“It was a phenomenal experience. I love networking, so I met a lot of people,” Dr. Michael said. “I did a two-year MBA in one year. You’re with the regular students Monday through Friday, then once a month, you’re with the execs 8:00 to 5:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was there with my bosses and the hospital CEOs.”


TopDoc Clinics

TopDoc Clinics offers a wide range of medical services, from urgent and family care to restorative and cosmetic treatments. Member providers are among the best in their specialties and are known for their innovation and forward-thinking.

Dr. Michael first connected with TopDoc about four years ago and later met them again at a conference.

“I had a table there. I created an abdominal waist belt that develops your abs and helps regenerate healing and pain. We visited each others’ booths and found a lot of synergy between us. They invited me to join them,” he shared.


An Ambitious Vision

“TopDoc has amazing engagement and relationships with products and development,” Dr. Michael observed. “I would love to lead them into the future of regenerative medicine, which includes stem cells and platelet-rich plasma, for injuries to shoulders, knees and hips. In addition, I want to do preventative medicine, which includes anti-aging medicine.”

These are things that people don’t usually get, because other doctors often don’t know about them.

“If doctors don’t know, they can’t teach their patients about it. I want to do a lot of anti-aging with them. And that includes processes and treatments to extend people’s lives and make them more fruitful,” he shared.

Dr. Michael points out that it’s not just a physical issue.

“Nobody wants to feel tired, sad or lazy. It really can lead to depression,” he explained.

Dr. Michael’s vision goes even further. 

“I’ve created a plan to look closely at a person’s whole body. It’s a starting point, taking a step back, looking at the person as a whole and getting a complete lab analysis — sugar level, blood pressure, lipids, hormones and more. Then, we’ll know what to treat. We can teach people to live at the optimal level,” he explained.

Dr. Michael envisions TopDoc connecting its diverse, high-quality services to ensure the best for each patient.

“Everything is connected. I want all providers to know what the others are offering. I want the left hand to know what the right hand is doing. I want all the doctors to communicate and understand what that patient is getting and doing,” he said.


Including Technology

“I also want to integrate technology, like wearable devices for monitoring and actionable data,” Dr. Michael added. “They give us a plethora of data, way more than a patient can. We can have the data before the patient’s appointment.”

Furthermore, the data can be stored in a cloud and presented in graphs that patients can place in a digital folder.


A Great Partnership

Dr. Michael sees a wide range of opportunities for partnering up with TopDoc Clinics. And he can make it happen.

“I want to create the Avengers of TopDoc! I want to have the best doctors in their specialties come together to bring something amazing. And then I want to replicate that,” he concluded.

Gaye Newton

Gaye Newton