Genetic Guided Nutrition: An Interview with Dr. Kendal Stewart, MD of Neurobiologix, Inc.

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Treatment is not always a cut-and-dry solution when it comes to neurological or chronic medical conditions. In some instances, available treatment modalities only address the symptoms without going the extra...

Treatment is not always a cut-and-dry solution when it comes to neurological or chronic medical conditions. In some instances, available treatment modalities only address the symptoms without going the extra mile and addressing the disease’s actual culprits. But what if there were supplements tailored to your genetic makeup that could give your body the support it needs to address your illness at a deeper level? 

Dr. Kendal Stewart, MD, has developed professional-grade nutritional supplements that strengthen your body precisely where needed and support your recovery. With the right blend of genetically determined supplements, your body will gain the necessary elements to overcome medical conditions and promote healing.

Dr. Kendal L. Stewart, MD

Dr. Kendal Stewart is a neurotologist and neuroimmune and genomic specialist at the NeuroSensory Centers of America, Inc. (NSCA), founded in 2003. The NSCA team diagnoses and treats neurosensory and neuroimmune disorders. 

Dr. Stewart is also the Chief Medical Officer for Neurobiologix, Inc. and GX Sciences.

“At Neurobiologix, we base the creation of nutritional supplements on genetic testing. It’s Genetic Guided Nutrition™,” Dr. Stewart said. 

Career Origins

“In college, I learned practical biochemistry, which is related to the human body and how drugs and nutritional elements work. As a result, I became a neurotologist then my surgical career became less necessary when I was able to recover my patients instead of operating.” Dr. Stewart shared.

Dr. Stewart eventually realized that a focus on nutritional health would benefit a much larger population, as he wanted to do more than treat symptoms.

“We can look at nutritional health, especially in people with devastating conditions like vertigo, migraines, Alzheimer’s, dementia and autism. If we could create an environment in their bodies from a nutritional standpoint, they would be more stable and have a much better chance of recovering,” he explained.

Dr. Stewart’s work started by providing a new option for patients with severe neurological ailments who had only found treatment for their symptoms before. He turned to neurotrophism, a method of reversing the progression of neurological conditions and weakening of the immune system. His therapies reduced nervous system inflammation and improved hormonal and nutritional conditions.


“How can I build a perfect recipe to answer your body’s nutritional and chemical weaknesses but limit the number of supplements you’d have to take? Genetics. In particular, Nutrigenomics. That’s the foundation principle of NeuroBiologix,” Dr. Stewart said.

Using nutrigenomic testing, Dr. Stewart creates nutritional supplements tuned explicitly to a patient’s genetic composition. Genetics guide the creation of unique ‘recipes’ of supplement combinations that best benefit people with compatible genetics. Dr. Stewart’s creations come from both a scientific and spiritual point of view.

“What was wrong with the supplement industry was that it had each supplement in separate bottles. But God makes recipes. He doesn’t make things with just one ingredient. So, we realized that we needed to do the same,” Dr. Stewart explained.

In some cases, anywhere from 5 to 10 nutritional supplements belong together. But Dr. Stewart doesn’t want patients taking 10 pills from 10 bottles every day. 

“I don’t want you taking more than three or four supplements. They will be the right ones for you, and none of what you don’t need,” he said.

The ultimate goal of Neurobiologix is for every patient to receive the right supplemental recipe to solve their problem and support their health throughout life  

“Let’s say you have low muscle tone and can’t recover from exercise so easily. With a genetic test, I’d be able to tell what your mitochondria need to make you stronger and recover faster,” Dr. Stewart explained.

Neurobiologix products are supplementation and Genetic Guided Nutrition™ created by an experienced physician. They enhance physical performance, a healthy immune system, brain function, blood sugar control and energy levels. These are professional-grade products with high potency, purity and absorption but no artificial ingredients or toxins. 

Based in Science

“Neurobiologix is known for its unique ability to blend supplements into the right ratios to ensure that you get what you need from that supplement. We’re reassuring doctors that there is science behind this, not that hokey nutritional background that people sometimes associate with supplementation,” Dr. Stewart shared. 

Neurobiologix does not dispense combinations of supplements based on assumptions and best guesses. That is simply a waste of money and a missed opportunity to get accurate results. 

“This is all based on research performed at institutions worldwide. Our genetic reports, for instance, have bibliographies with 5 to 20 pages of scientific references. The peer-reviewed literature goes a long way in proving what we’re talking about,” Dr. Stewart explained. 


“Inflammation plays a huge role in the nervous system,” Dr. Stewart said. “We’ve proven it with PET scans over the last several years. Anything in the nervous system that has ‘good days and bad days’ is inflammation-based.” 

Inflammation is not just local; chemical messengers make it a systemic problem. Genetic testing assesses the health of your chemical messengers and determines whether you need help with inflammation control. For people over 55, this is often an issue, as they no longer have the hormones they had when they were younger.

“We can create an environment where there is less inflammation in the body, so that, for example, a headache cannot typically occur as easily, or the pain is much less severe,” Dr. Stewart explained.

Strengthening the Body

“We’re taught as physicians to treat symptoms. If you have a migraine, here’s your migraine medicine. But we should also try to get the body in as stable a state as we can. When people come to me, and they’re on medicines for certain things, I’m not going to stop the medicine. I’m going to use the patient’s genetics and try to strengthen and improve the health of the body. Once we do that, hopefully, we won’t need that medicine anymore,” he said. 

Many doctors embrace Dr. Stewart’s approach as they take a more holistic approach to their practices. Yet others are not interested because it requires them to spend more time with each patient. There’s more to it than a quick diagnosis and a prescription. Dr. Stewart believes this will gradually change as the beneficial results of supplementation become more apparent. 

A Parting Reminder

The key to bringing this new science into the mainstream of medicine is education. Neurobiologix has an extensive educational series to teach doctors how to use genetics and supplements. They teach principles of healing, such as the ability to control inflammation.

“We have taught probably 4,000 to 5,000 physicians in the last five or six years. Supplementation has come a long way since genetics occurred,” Dr. Stewart shared.

With these high-quality supplement recipes made to match patients’ genetics, Dr. Stewart and Neurobiologix bring new hope and solutions for patients with severe conditions.

Gaye Newton

Gaye Newton