Breath Analysis: How the Invention of PNOE Could Change Healthcare Forever

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As an engineer in Greece, Panos Papadiamantis focused on mechanical engineering where he later conducted research and risk analysis on nuclear technology related to national security. He later was...

As an engineer in Greece, Panos Papadiamantis focused on mechanical engineering where he later conducted research and risk analysis on nuclear technology related to national security. He later was approached by his life-long friend who wanted to develop an affordable breath analysis device to analyze human metabolism with clinical precision, and PNOE was born. 

“You can understand a lot of things about the human health through breath that you can’t really get from any other specimen of the human body you can analyze. Our device is probably one of the most valuable assessments in medicine but also one of the most underutilized ones,” Papadiamantis said. 

Just 5 years after creating the product, there are more than 3,000 health professionals using the device and 100,000 cardio metabolic analyses with it. Their goal with the PNOE product is  to enable health professionals to prescribe clinical grade wellness through breath analysis. 

“And this enablement includes providing personal personalized analysis, doing the programming and white labeling, white labeling it with their business, providing the marketing support, and weaving all of their existing services into our programming along with our insights so that they can deliver a completely unified experience for their customers,” he said. 

Breath analysis, also known as metabolic testing or VO2max testing, involves analyzing a person’s exhaled gasses. Its roots can be traced back to the early 1900s when scientists were searching to comprehend the fundamental mechanism of all living organisms: the absorption and utilization of oxygen. 

This test is considered the most comprehensive evaluation in medicine as it assesses all aspects of human physiology that are essential to nutrition and exercise prescription, longevity assessment, and chronic disease prevention. The heart, lungs, blood circulation, and cells are all evaluated through breath analysis, which analyzes 23 biomarkers during inhalation and exhalation to assess oxygen flow through these systems. 

The significance of oxygen has been established through numerous studies, culminating in the American Heart Association’s landmark scientific statement in 2016, which elevated VO2peak to a crucial vital sign that provides the strongest evidence of life expectancy and quality.

Breath analysis can provide a wealth of information for healthcare professionals even though so few use it. Before PNOE, devices for breath analysis were difficult to use and expensive. Not to mention, they are clunky and not user friendly. The process of translating the data into actionable steps was also difficult for everyone. 

“It is the only assessment known to mankind that can non-invasively, in just 10 minutes, analyze the combined operation of your heart, your lungs, your circulations and your cellular health. So, see how effective your metabolic activities are happening down to a cellular level, understanding how many calories, fats and carbohydrates you’re burning. No other assessment is capable of delivering that,” Papadiamantis said. 

Papadiamantis and his company deliver the PNOE device to clinics and train them on how to use it. The good thing about their invention is that it is user friendly and only takes about 10-20 minutes to deliver the test. The product also has a cloud to connect the tests and hold data with built-in AI and algorithms. And it does not just score different aspects of the patient’s health. Rather, PNOE provides patients with very personalized and targeted nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and breath work advice that effectively becomes the wellness programming that the clinic delivers to the consumer.

An important part of PNOĒ’s value is that identifying the biological limitation a patient faces, provides a biometric justification for the appropriate bio-optimization services available in the clinic (i.e., cryotherapy, red-light therapy, IV therapy). This renders PNOĒ a powerful lead generator for such services and a way for health professionals to quantify their impact on their patients through an easy, reliable, and non-invasive process that doesn’t involve lab work. It bridges the “I feel better” with the “I am better.”

There are four categories that utilize programming. The first is longevity breath analysis, which is the most reliable and scientifically substantiated source of quantifying biological age and for anti-aging plus the tests that PNOE provides are considered by the American Heart Association. The next is weight loss. 

“Breath analysis is the gold standard for measuring your metabolism, and understanding whether you’re experiencing metabolic slowdown can result in prescribing effectively a program that is going to reverse that or a verdict in the first place,” Papadiamantis said. 

Performance is another aspect that can be improved through breath analysis. It can assess improvements needed in physical performance and prescribe personalized training plans to enhance performance to the ideal. The final aspect is mental health as breath analysis can analyze physiological and psychological stress levels to improve these areas and give a detailed, personal program for improvement utilizing breathwork, nutrition, and exercise program

“We really don’t frame ourselves as a longevity company, a weight loss company, a performance company, or a mental health company, but it is something that we can very effectively support for the businesses that we serve,” he said. 

Breath analysis, particularly PNOE, is centered around the idea of prevention. It is an effective tool for early detection for chronic diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, metabolic disease, and type two diabetes. 

“Whether there is an onset of disease in any of these three systems and prescribing actionable and personalized programs for averting it. So we want to be a big part of the prevention narrative, which we all hope becomes stronger in today’s medical world. And as far as prevention in general goes for the healthcare system, we need to become preventative or our economy will go under,” Papadiamantis said. 

Patients have testified on numerous occasions that PNOE saved them and changed their healthcare habits through preventative measures. Men’s Health magazine, featured a testimonial about how it changed their life. 

PNOE can be an effective tool to create personalized wellness programs and help medical professionals be more efficient in their diagnosis and preventative measures.

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