The Global Summits Institute, beginning in 2018 with the Global Implantology Summit and continuing to the most recent Global Interdisciplinary Summit in early 2020, is a Doctor-To-Doctor movement revitalizing the way Dentistry is done. 

Dr. Kianor Shah founded the Institute to act as a platform in which Dentists and professionals within the industry could come together under the motto: learn one, do one, teach one. Through this, the goal is to bring true autonomy to the dental industry, cutting out third-party organizations who wish to control practices and techniques. The Institute has connected the best and brightest, bringing a community of dentists and dental specialists together to share, educate, and collaborate. In the following pages, the Regents of the Global Summits Institute are highlighted. 

Each Regent is an ambassador to the dental industry, creating and promoting global synergy and autonomy in their own successful practices. 

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