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True Health Begins With The Mind

True Health Begins With The Mind

We can measure health and wellness in multiple ways. They are usually broken down into various diagnoses that often fail to provide a picture of a...

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The Benefits of Zinc Before and During Cold and Flu Season

As we see flu season on the horizon, the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system becomes increasingly apparent. Among the various minerals and nutrients essential for immune health, zinc stands out as a crucial element that can bolster our body’s defenses against seasonal illnesses like the flu! Its role in supporting immune function has been well-documented, making it a valuable addition to our health regimen both before and during flu season.

Embarking on the Path to Longevity and Vitality: Bio-Optimized Living

Every great journey commences with a single, deliberate step—the decision to begin. Biohacking is the art of optimizing human performance and well-being through strategic interventions. It is a multifaceted approach to enhancing longevity and vitality. As an expert in the field, I live this Bio-Op Life successfully and advocate for a comprehensive strategy that includes not only individual practices but also the cultivation of a supportive community. Below are top biohacking tips, each integral to the quest for a longer, healthier life, and the added dimension of community as a vital component of this journey.

Meet Dr. William J. Cole Jr.: A Board Certified Regenerative Medicine Expert Transforming Lives and Assisting in Healing Without Drugs or Surgery

Dr. Cole is a renowned regenerative medicine expert who has dedicated his medical career to decreasing pain and increasing function without unnecessary drugs or surgeries.


He is the president, founder, and CEO of RegenaMed.US®, OrthoMed® Pain & Sports Medicine, the kNOwPAIN Institute & Foundation® and proud father of Dr. Mary Jane® – Medical-Grade CBD, which has replaced up to 50% of the narcotics formerly prescribed by his two certified pain clinics in Southwest Florida.

The Field Of Regenerative Medicine In Orthopedic Surgery: An Interview With Bruce Fishman, M.D.

Dr. Fishman has provided orthopedic care and treatment to the Los Angeles community for over 30 years. He maintains offices in the Encino and Lancaster, California areas. His current practice includes interventional regenerative orthopedics utilizing cutting-edge biologics, laser, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, peptides and minimally invasive procedures.

Breathwork is Medicine

Life begins and ends with an inhale and an exhale. I often begin my Activation Breathwork journeys with a verbal walk-in as I talk about the first breath starting our Earth Heart. Surrendering your attachment to your mother's heartbeat and trusting you are strong...

Restoring the Art of the Human Body: An Interview with Dr. David Hartman

Dr. Hartman has practiced numerous types of art, oil painting in college to a professional TV actor in New York City and Los Angeles, designing and building faux antique furniture collections for elite actors and producers in the Hollywood Hills to restoring antique oil paintings.

Running the Marathon: A Conversation with Pediatric Psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Goetz

Running a marathon is often used as a metaphor for endurance. This analogy might be familiar for some, yet it is ubiquitous for a reason.

TopDocDX: Diagnosing Chronic Disease in Asymptomatic Patients

The fear of carrying a virus without any notice was both overwhelming and scary for many of us. “What if I have the virus?” “What if I unwillingly infect someone else?” Such questions definitely are not any novelty. However, what if we take the word asymptomatic and apply it to our overall health? Could there be any latent diseases ready to strike us without notice?

Taking the Proactive Approach to Healthcare with Tim Spooner

In his interview with Top Doctor Magazine, Tim Spooner discusses his solutions to this problem and how he is disrupting the current healthcare model with his company, Proactive MSD.

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