Dr. Antonio Gamboa: Bridging the Gap

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Dr. Antonio Gamboa was born into an underserved world. Now, he is a founder and the CEO of a growing company, Elite Patient Care. As the first son of US immigrants, Gamboa has a unique perspective that makes him more aware of the needs of others.

“My modest upbringing showed me good skill sets that provided me with a great background and understanding of how relative things are in life,” Gamboa said. Perspective, which he calls one of the greatest gifts next to humility, helped Gamboa realize his community’s need for healthcare services.

This realization turned into focused determination as Gambo graduated from college and medical school. Despite not having the money to go to the notable colleges that accepted him, Gamboa made the most of his time at the University of Texas at El Paso before getting his doctorate at the Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. He went on to get board-certified in internal medicine and palliative care.

“I was already over-achieving at this point, so frankly, any grandiose vision of me being a business owner or having my own practice that expands to multiple states was not even an expectation or vision when I was early in my career. I just was happy to have an opportunity to better the circumstances of my own family,” Gamboa said.

Dr. Antonio Gamboa: Bridging the Gap

An Entrepreneur with a Mission

During his time as a hospitalist, Gamboa noticed some difficulties within the healthcare process.

Medicare changes had impacted patient care, specifically patient discharge. Treatment that had initially taken 7-10 days at the hospital was now completed in two to free up hospital beds.

“I realized the real dramatic need and the underserved population that was in that community and the changes in acuity that really drove for positions that have the skill set that I had,” Gamboa said.

Gamboa, partnered with Dr. Paula Requeijo, created Elite Patient Care, a business that would help patients transition from hospital to home. They started in 2009 with 10 to 12 providers in 1 state and have now expanded to 250 providers in 10 states. Gamboa sees their continued growth as a confirmation of a real need for their services.

Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis

The difficulty of serving the elderly increased when COVID-19 hit. Elite Patient Care had already been using telehealth services, but not all of their care could be done over the phone. They had to work with the nursing home community to facilitate a safe visit without spreading the virus.

As COVID-19 hit different states, Gamboa and the team utilized their resources and kept all their workers employed. They also helped ease families into end-of-life care for their loved ones. Helping the community is invaluable to Gamboa, and he hopes to inspire long-lasting change.

His concern now is that nurses, many of whom are minorities, won’t get the vaccine due to distrust. Gamboa hopes that he, as someone from a minority, can reassure and help nurses see the vaccine’s benefits.

Long term, Gamboa is hopeful that Elite Patient Care will continue to extend its positive reach. “While these times are trying, there is also an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to bridge creativity and intelligence, to look for ways that can help our communities get beyond COVID,” Gamboa said.

For more information on Dr. Antonio Gamboa and Elite Patient Care, you can visit their website here.

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