A few months ago, my calendar was full ofevents, meetings, seminars, and many other activities. In a matter of weeks, the world changed before our very eyes. What all of us had considered normal suddenly ceased.
With the new uncertainties, there is an inherent truth regarding our physical, mental, and emotional needs. Regardless of social distancing or a quarantine, we as humans still have specific requirements to survive. One is that our bodies are designed to maintain a balance.
The human body strives to maintain equilibrium within our physiological processes through homeostasis. Blood pressure, blood sugar levels, hormones, body temperature, heart rate, and many other regulatory systems continually work to maintain balance.I can attest that learning to slow down and to place my emotional needs in the foreground takes effort. We are taught to put others’ needs ahead of everyone else, climb the ladder of success, and make every second count.
Typically, what happens is our amazing body finally lets us know that something is amiss. We’ve pushed ourselves to the point of exhaustion and imbalance. The result is “dis-ease.” That’s right; our body cannot run on fumes forever. The gas tank becomes empty, and our engines cease to perform.
Perhaps it’s time to realign your body? Your systems might be in need of some serious adjustments. If you are feeling out of sorts, perhaps taking a moment to slow down and assess your inner needs could be just what the doctor ordered!


B – Breathe. While breathing may sound simple,a strategic focus on breathing is essential. Most people shallow breathe throughout the day. Learning to slow our breathing down, inhale, and exhale intentionally relaxes the body im-mediately.

A – Attitude. Have you checked your mental attitude lately? What thoughts have you captive? Are they negative or positive? Taking a quick attitude check can make a world of difference. One way to do this is to journal your thoughts. Reread your words, and determine if you need to turn some things over to God. A robust and positive attitude goes a long way for overall emotional wellness

L – Love. Not to be sappy, but love truly is thesalve of the heart. Focusing on the people we love, the things we love, and the actions of love do change not only the world but also the person who shares this love. Jesus not only demonstrated perfect love to us, but He also commanded us to love one another. When we focus on love and on serving others, it is hard to stay focused on negativity or sadness.

A – Acceptance. Learning to accept our currentcircumstances is critical. We have been conditioned to be very hard on ourselves. While many quickly show grace to others, self-grace proves to be difficult. Letting go of disappointments and failures while focusing on lessons you’ve learned goes a long way to ease up on yourself.

N – Nurture. By far, taking the time to nurtureyour soul is not easy. Taking care of yourself means spending the time you need to provide times of silence, stillness, and rest. Go on that long walk. Stay in your pj’s all day. Do nothing, or take a nice bubble bath. Whatever it is that soothes your soul, make sure you are making time to seek out these nuggets of time.

C – Calm. We’ve all seen the memes aboutdoing this or that while remaining calm. Well, there is some brilliance to these statements. Maintaining a calmness within your spirit is important. When the world is anything but quiet, the one thing you can control is your inner soul. Feed this vital part of yourself by recognizing how you feel when you are stressed. Once you understand the signs of chaos, being able to bring a calmness into your well-being will quickly enable you to withstand the rigors of an unpredictable world.

E – Energy. Like a finely tuned engine, our bodies are designed to perform beautifully. When the imbalances in our lives wreak havoc on our physiological selves, our energy levels drop significantly. We must maintain the proper energy within our bodies. Adequate rest, the right fuel from wholesome foods, along with exercise, will provide us with the balance and energy needs we must have.

Cycles of balances exist everywhere in nature. Without balance, systems break down. We are no exception to this order in life. Doesn’t it make sense to seek a balance in your own life to live abundantly and in complete wholeness and wellness?
Begin today, striving to live in a balanced state. God tells us we are created in His image and that our bodies are a temple. Therefore, don’t waste another minute of precious time ignoring your well-being! Are you fully living today?


Dr. Paula McDonald, B.S. Biology, M.S. Biblical Leadership and Theology, Ph.D. Theology.Atwo-time published author, speaker, real estate broker, mother, grandmother, wife, and life-long entrepreneur. Paula is an avid runner, having completed dozens of half-marathons even after losing a portion of her left lung. Having survived two-massive tumors and being told to get her affairs in order, Paula chooses to live her life in wholeness and in wellness. Life is precious and a gift from God. Embrace each day and LIV2DAY!
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