Dr. David Hernandez is steadily growing in popularity as Miami’s Love Doctor. He educates patients and physicians alike on sexual health and regenerative options to improve people’s sex lives. 


Dr. Hernandez has overcome many hurdles before becoming a sexual health specialist and educator. As a child, he wanted to become a paramedic firefighter. With the inspiration of his hardworking parents, Dr. Hernandez became a paramedic for the American Medical Response. He then worked in the ER at Jackson Memorial Hospital as an emergency room technician. 


It wasn’t until a doctor saw his skill and challenged him to study medicine that Dr. Hernandez realized a medical degree was in the books for him. He studied in the Dominican Republic at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo and was touched by the humble appreciation of his patients. His hands-on experience prepared him for his move into sexual health and regenerative medicine. 


Dr. David Hernandez – The Miami Love Doctor

Improving People’s Sexual Health

The pandemic increased the proximity of most couples and, subsequently, Hernandez’s number of patients. Spreading the word on such a sensitive topic as sexual health is not easy, even as Dr. Hernandez’s patients have had success in restoring their sex lives. 


Dr. Hernandez offers IV nutrition, shockwave therapy, vampire facelifts, and O and P shots. His work entails helping patients improve their sex lives by educating them on how decreasing stress balances patients’ sympathetic nervous system and thus improves their sex lives. Dr. Hernandez has been helping patients rediscover the joys of sex and helps them feel more comfortable in their skin. 


“I make intimacy more enjoyable for both males and females,” Dr. Hernandez said. “And the most rewarding part that I’ve seen is when you know the patient comes back and says, ‘Thank you, you saved my marriage’ or ‘I don’t know what I was going to do with my life; thank you!'”


Pornography and Sex

Some aspects of sexual health are not as easy to navigate for patients. Dr. Hernandez has noticed young people having sexual health problems that are much more common in much older patients — all due to pornography addictions. 


“It creates this altered reality,” Dr. Hernandez said. “Since our brain is instinctively designed to take the easy way out, it’s a lot easier to sit in front of a computer screen watching porn and masturbate than it is to seduce somebody.”


Dr. Hernandez doesn’t think that porn is wrong, but he does think the addiction is harmful to a sexually healthy life. He tells his patients that if they can get aroused without any pornography stimulus and hold until climax, they do not have a pornography addiction. It’s when porn becomes the only way to attain climax that an addiction is present.


Smart Moves

“Sexual health is part of your overall health. It has a lot of ties to not only your physical but also to your mental health,” Dr. Hernandez said. 


As the pandemic helped people reflect on their values and what truly matters, Dr. David Hernandez hopes that people will continue seeking education and action to improve their sexual health. He hopes to expand his reach, which is why he has been promoting sex education and well-being on his social media platforms. 


To learn more about Dr. Hernandez and his work, you can visit him over at his Instagram and Facebook.


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