Got excuses? I’ve learned that excuses are layered on top of emotions, usually doubt, fear, anger, shame, blame, or resentment, and I’ve found that forgiveness is truly the key to fitness.
Other clients have experienced a shift not just with for-giveness, but also in how they are treating their health situation. Sue had been on high blood pressure medications for eleven years, and after just two weeks of eating a whole-food, plant-based protocol and practicing Visibly Fit exercises, she was able to go off the medications completely.
Tara had been suffering from tremendous pain with her endometriosis since the age of twelve, and after just one week, she no longer had pain and had incredible energy.
Linda was pre-diabetic and was able to reverse this self-inflicting condition after just seven weeks. Her A1C numbers completely leveled out, and her inflammatory markers were no longer in high-risk range, and in fact, they were well below.
Deb released 35.4 pounds and 29 inches in just seven weeks, and after just five months, she dropped 72 pounds. Deb got her life back as a single mom and is no longer on medication. She’s making an impact on her daughter’s life now as well, modeling self-care and love. Here’s what I want you to take away: Dive into healthy choices NOW. Don’t wait.
It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. You just need to start. And then repeat daily. Even if you know what to do, that’s not enough. Put that knowledge into action and watch the ripple effect of healthy habits show up in new ways in your life. The healthy habits will ripple through to your family, your practice, finances, relationships, faith, and so much more.
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