IMS Medical Equipment sells high quality newand used medical equipment at fair prices to physicians and clinics around the country. IMS Medical was founded in 2003 when Dr. Michael Schubyn purchased a medical office from a doctor who owned 13 medical offices. Dr. Schubyn purchased his largest office, which was situated on two floors in the Cleveland, OH area. The selling doctor also left Dr. Schubyn with a basement full of medical equipment, including power chairs, X-Ray units, autoclaves, power surgery equipment, and more. Dr. Schubyn did not know what to do with this excess equipment. He spoke with a doctor friend who advised him to clean up the equipment and sell it, and that is what was done. Know more about IMS Medical supplies.

The IMS Medical equipment was cleaned up, advertised in the Cleveland area, and sold rather quickly.Dr. Schubyn believed that that was the end of equipment sales. Weeks and months later, doctors were calling to see if the equipment was still available. A friend of Dr. Schubyn’s advised him to find medical supplies and equipment in his spare time and to resell it. He began doing that. Soon a technician was hired, used equipment was purchased and shipped in, refurbished both functionally and cosmetically and resold. Doctor customers be-gan asking about new equipment. IMS Medical soon became a distributor for new equipment. At this point, Dr. Schubyn decided to relocate to Scottsdale, AZ. Warehouse space was rented,

A technician was hired along with an X-Ray engineer. IMS Medical decided to exhibit at medical conferences around the country. The business began to grow and flourish. Sales staff were hired along with more technicians, and the company had to relocate to a larger facility. Physician customers began asking Dr. Schubyn if there was a better and more economical power chair that they could purchase. At this point, Dr. Schubyn decided to design and build his own power chairs in the United States, and he decided to call the chairs SCHUBYN Power Procedure Chairs. The chairs are of high quality, durable, powerful, and economical. They are used by physicians, podiatrists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. They retail around a base price of $5995, which is thousands of dollars less than comparable chairs, made in the USA with American made motors and parts. They are built to be handicap accessible and qualify for a tax credit of approximately 50% of the price.
Today, the company has a sales team of 7 individuals, three technicians, and two engineers. IMS Medical attends approximately 40 medical conferences annually. All used equipment is shipped to the refurbishing facility in Scottsdale, where the equipment is refurbished functionally and cosmetically to like-new shape. The company focuses on selling high quality refurbished equipment: Mini C-Arms, C-Arms, power procedure chairs, autoclaves, podiatry X-ray machines, power surgery equipment, and new Power Procedure Chairs, diagnostic ultrasound units, shockwave therapy, laser treatment machines, podiatry digital X-Ray, and more. Sales are growing and flourishing.

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