The “Winning Strategy” of Sports Medicine Surgeon Daryl C. Osbahr

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As a little boy, Dr. Daryl C. Osbahr wanted to be a professional athlete. And if not that, he wanted to be a sports medicine surgeon who took care of...

As a little boy, Dr. Daryl C. Osbahr wanted to be a professional athlete. And if not that, he wanted to be a sports medicine surgeon who took care of professional athletes. “What I learned really quickly was that I couldn’t keep myself healthy enough, and so I had to devote my life to working on keeping other people healthy enough to play sports,” Osbahr said.

Inspired by mentors Dr. Don Ames and Dr. James Andrews, Osbahr threw his passion for athletics into pursuing his doctorate in orthopedic sports medicine. His mentors taught him to pursue his work with excellence and discipline, and Osbahr keeps their advice at the forefront of his mind.

The “Winning Strategy” of Sports Medicine Surgeon Daryl C. Osbahr

Today, he serves as the Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery and Managing Director for the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute in Florida. He is currently preparing Rothman Florida to expand their community outreach and has helped numerous teams, ranging from ballet to basketball.

The “Winning Strategy” of Sports Medicine Surgeon Daryl C. Osbahr

A Passion for Sports

“I find myself constantly learning and falling in love with my job when working with athletes from all sports as you can become easily inspired by the dedication and work ethic of many of these athletes. It’s humbling when you have an opportunity to help them get back on track to being successful,” Dr. Osbahr said.

Many doctors gravitate toward helping athletes within their sport of interest. Osbahr’s appreciation for the skills in each sport naturally created more opportunities to work with athletes in different fields and at different stages of life.

He uses his position as Co-Chief Medical Officer of USA Baseball, Committee Member of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), Board Member of the Florida Alliance for Sports Medicine, Medical Director for the Sunshine State Athletic Conference, and other organizations to help young athletes learn how to maintain their health. He also teaches preventative care, which helps athletes avoid and minimize injuring themselves even in contact sports.

Treating the Whole Person

The world of sports medicine wasn’t always so intentionally-focused, according to Dr. Osbahr. Historically, sports medicine was about treating injuries. Now, the focus has become holistic – building a team of support around the athlete.

“Often in medical care, we tend to just focus on the physical injury and not really address the mental effects of the injury,” Dr. Osbahr added. “Optimal treatment of the patient needs to include analyzing their psychological approach and how mentally they’re dealing with their injury because it will directly reflect upon their successful or unsuccessful recovery.”

The Winning Strategy

He believes in building trust with his patients, an authentic connection that allows him to improve their care. When past clients call him to ask for advice, he always connects with them because he believes in maintaining that relationship even past retirement. Osbahr finds fulfillment in connecting people with the right solutions and impacting their lives for the better.

Building that connection allows Osbahr to maintain accountability with the athletes in his care. He ensures that, even in these times of Covid-19, his athletes are taking the appropriate steps to recover and stay healthy.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Daryl C. Osbahr and the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, you can visit his website here.

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