About Dr. Carl Hess Dr. Carl Hess has 30+ years of experience in pain management and associated syndromes. Dr. Hess is a board-certified member of the American Board of Anesthesiology....

About Dr. Carl Hess

Dr. Carl Hess has 30+ years of experience in pain management and associated syndromes. Dr. Hess is a board-certified member of the American Board of Anesthesiology. Since the inception of the 90s, Dr. Hess has performed more than 10,000 basic and advanced pain management-related procedures.

Furthermore, Dr. Hess is familiar with the traditional and modern pain management tactics. Whether it’s implantable devices or injections, Dr. Hess understands the periodic fluctuations of pain management. Dr. Hess also has experience in legal testimonies and opinions related to personal injury cases.

Pain Management and Perspective

“People may not realize, but awareness on pain management is now wider than it was in the 90s,” said Dr. Carl Hess in an interview with Top Doctors Magazine. It is important to understand that Dr. Carl Hess practices and specializes in pain management, a sub-specialty of anesthesiology. Dr. Hess also maintains good relationships with prominent anesthesiologists in the U.S.

Profile Spotlight: Dr. Carl Hess

Chronic Pain: New Advancements and Misconceptions

Although there have been advancements in the healthcare industry that now allow people to manage their pain better, Dr. Hess believes that there are still faux perceptions around chronic pain. “The truth is that chronic pain is a serious problem and legislative initiative was just the first step to raise awareness,” continued Dr. Carl Hess.

Pain Management and the Curse of Opioids

Dr. Hess also raises the point about the abuse of opioids to deal with chronic pain. The right course of action is a combination of medication, psychotherapy, and physiotherapy. Dr. Hess paints a clear picture that a balanced approach is not always a requirement.

Dr. Hess remembers when he saw the mainstream implementation of implantable devices like stimulators to alleviate chronic pain. “There are new advances, more awareness, and educational guidance right now about pain management,” added Dr. Carl Hess.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Dr. Hass also brings the subject of FBSS (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome) that requires more awareness. The medical practitioners will continue to drift afar from opioids and adopt new methods to control chronic pain. “It is no secret that consistent use of opioids makes your chronic pain worse and leads to Hyperalgesia,” noted Dr. Carl Hess.

A few years ago, rich plasma and stem cell therapy may have had a major impact, but now both are trying to find their place. “Regenerative medicine is the most recent development, but it will be interesting to see how it evolves in the foreseeable future,” said Dr. Hass.

Traditional Philosophy of Pain Management

Profile Spotlight: Dr. Carl Hess

As the contextual understanding of chronic pain evolves, it is vital for medical practitioners to not forget about the traditional philosophy on the subject. Contrary to misguided perception, chronic pain is a severe condition that doesn’t go away even after surgery. 

“We have to understand that pain is dynamic rather than static,” said Dr. Carl Hess. Dr. Hess also notes that external and internal factors such as stress or bad weather condition make the pain even worse. In many cases, the periodic shift of the chronic pain is unbearable for patients. Therefore, Dr. Hess considers a more empathetic approach to deal with pain management.


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