Numerous controversial issues are likely to fall to the Supreme Court over the coming months and years: from those that cross between vaccines and stem cell research, to issues with Medicare and Medicaid. Perhaps one of the more interesting points has already been visited by Judge Barrett in the Seventh Circuit. It was Barrett’s position that differed from the other two judges, regarding the issue of public charge and immigrants. 

Barrett posited that limited use of resources like Medicaid for illegal immigrants did not classify as overreach from the Department of Homeland Security. The subject brings up an incredibly important point. First, the issues of providing medical care cross many political zones, and some of them are interpreted completely by the world-view of majority politicians. National, local and state budgets all have to factor in the costs of emergency care versus government-subsidized healthcare. Costs can be manipulated to an extreme in both directions, but no one would make the initial assumption that it would be an issue for the DHS instead of medical boards and legislators. Reining in these extremes may very well be left to the wisdom of the high court, where sometimes a clear right and wrong is the most difficult to discern at lower levels and between departments.

We are watching yet another layer of unrepeated history unfold in front of our eyes this year. No other time could be more pivotal to our country’s further direction, with a national election representing the widest divide in world-views we have faced, a Supreme Court nominee that has shown a record of fairness and a lack of bias at the bench, who also is unashamed of very specific religious and moral views. The medical world is already at the center of controversies from COVID-19 remedies to mixed questions on preventative clarity, a rushed call to vaccines and the organizations that stand to benefit, and the mere fact that the disease leaves many citizens with a growing fear of interaction with the medical system on whole, including testing and contact tracing. Adding it all up, we will see everything from the Affordable Care Act to specifics about abortion grow in intensity as we enter 2021. The answer, then to this article’s headline, is that Judge Amy Coney Barrett stands to add quite a substantial bottom line to the state of healthcare in America.

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