How Santa and his elves are handling COVID-19 and still delivering presents this year

As this year has seen the rise of COVID-19 worldwide, we may all be feeling a little discouraged about the holiday season. Christmas may be looking a lot different from previous years, traditions may have to be altered, and overall we may be feeling anxious about how we will be able to celebrate during this pandemic. 

However, the most important question is: will Santa Claus still be delivering presents around the globe? Because this question has been circling within the minds of everyone age one to ninety-two, we decided to take it upon ourselves to hold an exclusive interview with one of Santa’s top-level Elves. 

Dingle the Elf has been working with Santa ever since he became old enough to apprentice for the toymakers. Years later, he has advanced through the ranks and now finds himself at the head of a medical task force put together specifically for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us as we dive into exactly how Santa is going to be keeping himself and the world safe this Christmas. 

Lillian: Welcome, Dingle! It’s so great having you here on Zoom to answer a few important questions regarding this holiday season!

Dingle: Thank you for having me; it’s a pleasure being here!

Lillian: Tell me, where is Santa in the process of getting ready for the big night?

Dingle: We have reached the point in the year where everything is running at full speed. Letters are coming in each day from all over the world, and the elves are busy creating those presents. This continues right up to the second Santa leaves on the night of Christmas Eve. Fueled by hot cocoa and candy canes, many elves are working extremely long days and nights. However, it is our pride and joy to bring Christmas to so many families, which is why we never mind working overtime. 

Lillian: This year is, unfortunately, looking a bit different because of COVID-19. How are you and the other elves keeping safe and still getting the job done?

Dingle: Fortunately, here at the North Pole, the number of Coronavirus cases is nonexistent because we have no interaction with the outside world except Santa’s famous ride and the occasional zoom call to anonymous parties. Even so, we have built several extra warehouses in order to spread out and keep ourselves distanced. Santa created a special board of health supervisors that I have the pleasure of being part of, and we are taking every precaution possible. We have designed a special hand sanitizer using spearmint and stardust with an icicle base that has been incredibly successful in keeping away any extra germs. There has even been a special mixture made for dusting on the packages right before delivery. All in all, we are extremely confident in the measures we have taken to keep everyone safe. 

Lillian: That’s wonderful! Congratulations on creating such a successful way of keeping the germs at bay. Is there any talk up in the North Pole of a vaccine being used or developed?

Dingle: The board of health supervisors has actually developed a medicinally charged hot chocolate that Santa will be taking during his sleigh ride. While he is immune to such human viruses, we are not taking any chances with such a big event. This hot chocolate contains spearmint and stardust as well, which both seem extraordinary when it comes to boosting the immune system and killing off bacteria. 

Lillian: I’m so glad to hear that Santa is taking such vital precautions. Does your board have any concerns at all for the night of Christmas Eve? What are some words of comfort you can give to those who fear that Santa might not make it to their house this year?

Dingle: All I have to say is not to worry. We’ve considered everything and planned for every variable. The biggest problem we imagine is that many letters to Santa will be coming in late due to how backed up the mail system is, which is why we will have elves working on Christmas Eve to create and send expedited packages to Santa’s sleigh via delivery reindeer all the way up to the very last second before Christmas morning. As for COVID-19, we have sanitized all the packages and included other confidential safety measures installed directly on the sleigh to keep Santa and all the presents 100% COVID-19 free. We are prepared, and no one should worry about having to cancel Christmas. Santa will be coming just like every year before. 

Lillian: I know for many, both young and old, that is incredibly reassuring to hear. Is there anything you would like to say in closing to all of those out there struggling with the effects of this global pandemic?

Dingle: All I can think of is, the hope we feel around Christmas does not have to be just a seasonal hope. Keeping the spirit of Christmas in our hearts the whole year round is critical, especially after such a hard year. That lasting hope is found in Jesus Christ, who is the very reason we celebrate Christmas. He was born in a manger and died for our sins so that we can have eternal life through him. The world might seem dark, but Jesus is the light that shines brighter.It can seem difficult to find hope to cling to, but no matter how dark the world gets, there is always hope. We will get through this together and come out on the other side stronger than ever. Oh, and you had better be good for goodness sakes. 

Lillian: Wonderful; thank you so much for your time! 

Dingle: Not a problem; it was my pleasure. Merry Christmas!

Lillian Myers
Lillian Myers