The Bright Side of Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Joshua Goldman

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About Joshua Goldman

Dr. Goldman received his bachelor’s degree with honors from Stanford University in biological sciences and a minor in philosophy. His core interests lie in medical education, the intersections of reconstruction and aesthetics, and healthcare ethics. Dr. Goldman has completed a fellowship program in integrated reconstructive microsurgery and craniomaxillofacial surgery at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI. At UNLV, Dr. Goldman completed his residency in integrated plastic and reconstructive surgery. Over the years, Dr. Goldman has focused on different types of complex reconstruction surgeries of adult patients.

Reconstructive Surgery and the Bright Side of Medicine

Dr. Goldman highlights that clinical aspects boil down to endless cause-and-effect parameters. “I tend to look at happier aspects of medicine,” said Dr. Goldman. The good doctor believes it takes technical proficiency and artistic mindset to perform the best 3D reconstruction or facial reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Goldman professes that constant creative ingenuity and adaptability are the hallmarks of reconstructive surgery. However, he points out that you need a balanced approach with secondary interests to understand the complex dynamics of reconstructive surgeries.

Least and Most Favorite Part about Medicine

“I believe the most complex cobweb of medicine is arguably its administrative side,” noted Dr. Goldman. He believes that most people are aware of the significant healthcare issues. Interestingly, Dr. Goldman is getting his EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) to make the administrative side of medicine more efficient and less stressful.

When it comes to the most favorite aspect of medicine, Dr. Goldman points towards educating on the availability of cutting-edge solutions. Primarily, it involves breast microsurgery and autologous reconstruction. “Serving on the honorary advisory board and having the attention of the support group, you get the chance to discuss with breast cancer survivors and deliver modern reconstructive options,” Dr. Goldman shares with Top Doctor Magazine.

More Modern Technologies

Dr. Goldman highlights that modern technologies are changing many dynamics of reconstructive surgeries. He talks about cases where he changes a specific functionality. For instance, if a patient had oral cancer, you have to consider psychological and physical parameters. “It is highly rewarding when your influence on a patient improves their daily quality of life,” added Dr. Goldman.

The Bright Side of Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Joshua Goldman

Challenges in Reconstructive Surgery

“Sure, there are numerous challenges in reconstructive surgery, but you can look at mounting challenges through the lens of ‘form’ and ‘function,'” continued Dr. Goldman.

“I have to be objective about the assessment and look at what’s missing,” highlights Dr. Goldman. His approach to constructive surgery is to take into account the patient’s goals and desires. In fact, he believes that every aesthetic case requires mastery of anatomy and reconstructive skills.

Reconstructive Surgery: The Need for a Balanced Approach

Dr. Goldman points out that it is crucial to restore the psychosocial outcomes when a patient undergoes mastectomy due to cancer, which can cause decreased self-esteem, negatively impact sexual function and body image. Even before the COVID-19 crisis, reconstructive surgery continuously came up with groundbreaking treatments and techniques.

Future of Reconstructive Surgery

“Of course, the future is regenerative medicine, and a combination of virtual surgical planning to perform more efficient reconstructive surgeries can make all the difference in the foreseeable future,” said Dr. Goldman. “Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) is a groundbreaking, cutting-edge technology that improves your capacity to perform plastic and reconstructive surgery to perfection,” notes Dr. Goldman.

Ultimately, he believes that people are more aware of innovative solutions in healthcare. “Adherence to modern standards can bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients,” notes Dr. Goldman.

Brianna Connors
Brianna Connors

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Brianna now hangs her hat in the mountains of the East Coast. She is an Alumna of Liberty University with a degree in Criminal Justice and is a multiple time recipient of the Dean’s list award. As one of the senior journalists of Top Doctor Magazine, she has had the pleasure of interviewing many doctors and professionals about their fields of expertise.

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