Nassau, The Bahamas (Part 2)

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Where to Go

Clifton Heritage Park – Youcan snorkel at this beach park, which features giant underwater sculptures. Bring an underwater camera!

Montagu Beach & Fort – Takean afternoon to visit this public beach and surrounding area.You can visit historic Fort Montagu for $2 a person. Another highlight is the nearby fish market, which features fresh conch salads for sale (and lots of live conches!)

Bay Street – Explore the architecture in Nassau’s downtown by heading to Bay Street. There are local markets here, but we found them to be a bit too tourist-driven for our taste. The real highlight is the old buildings and charming neighbor-hood spots like Biggity.

Local Beaches – Cable Beachis recommended by locals and visitors alike, and Junkanoo Beach is fun and upbeat. We stumbled upon one of our favorite stretches of sand when we went looking for a local SIM card for our phones. It just goes to show that it’s worth exploring parts of the island that no one mentions! You never know what you’ll find.

What to Bring

Light, breathable clothing –think linen pants, flowy dresses—a light jacket for the evenings and when it gets windy.
A hat and plenty of sunscreens.Here is my favorite spray-on sunscreen (it’s coral reef friendly).
Snacks! Bring light snackswhen you’re sight-seeing, there are plenty of places to eat but can get unnecessarily pricey.
A GoPro for underwater photos! A GoPro dome is alsoa must if you want to take underwater photos. Our travel photography gear post details out all the gear we use for underwater shots, and examples.

Final Notes

Like most tropical islands, summers can be warm and also rainy. Hurricane season is July to October, and the high season is November to April. We honeymooned the second week of June and had sunny (but windy!) days, with spots of tropical rain. If you don’t mind crowds, head to Nassau during high season.
The majority of the shops and restaurants on the island take U.S. dollars, and converters are U.S. standard, so don’t worry about either if you’re visiting from the states.
Grocery store prices are incredibly high, but I suggest Solomon’s Fresh Market for essential provisions. Expect to pay premium prices for basic necessities, 2 to 3 times the amount for items in America. For more information on what to do, hotels, and other activities in Nassau Paradise Island, check out NassauParadiseIs-land.com.

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