Healthy Choices Every Time (Part 3)

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Here are six ways to ensure you make healthy choices every time:

1. Eat foods that love you back. A whole-food, plant-based, or vegan lifestyle can heal you quickly after an injury, and supply your cells with nutrient-rich foods to help prevent disease. Adding a salad to your plate at every meal is a great start. Toxic hunger is a real thing. Just because you’re eating some-thing doesn’t necessarily qualify it as a food your body needs and deserves for best health. In most cases, a reset in what you think tastes good needs to occur. A simple, clean eating detox will get you there and hopefully keep you there.

2. Your body is your gym. You were created with a built-in gym. Work your workouts into your busy day. Schedule a time or several small chunks of time to fit in exercise. Maybe it’s a fifteen-minute walk or a five-minute high-intensity cardio burst. You can even do exercises while cooking. While on the phone. Or even while traveling. Do something. Something is ALWAYS better than nothing.

3. Change your mind. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting the same. Change the way you think, and your actions will follow. This takes practice, discipline, and high-level accountability. Who is that encourager in your life? Don’t have one…hire one.

4. Practice Forgiveness. Move beyond your past. Release the pain. Live for today and brighter tomorrow. You are not what has been done to you or said to you. You were created with greatness in mind. Live Well.

4. Practice Forgiveness. Move beyond your past. Release the pain. Live for today and brighter tomorrow. You are not what has been done to you or said to you. You were created with greatness in mind. Live Well.

5. Drink more water. The average person is chronically dehydrated. Strive to drink half of your body weight in ounces daily. Yes, this means you will be in the bathroom a bit more as well. This is good. Give yourself permission to take the breaks needed.

6. Feed your spirit. Keep a gratitude journal. Take a gratitude walk. Pray. Meditate. Sometimes we need to quiet ourselves to get back in balance. The constant flow of information can keep the information we truly desire muted or unheard of.

If you are only tapping your toe in the water to make healthy choices, it’s time you dive in. You have a great purpose. This world needs you in your best health as you continue to help others with their health.
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