I recently watched an episode of Doctor Who, the British sci-fi TV show. In that episode, they used miraculous microscopic tiny robots to repair and grow tissue that was perfectly matched to a patient’s body based on their DNA. I found myself laughing as I watched and not because it was particularly funny but because their robots are precisely what we already have in our bodies in the form of stem cells.
Today, we are using cellular therapy to do things that probably would have seemed like science fiction just a few years ago. We are on the cutting edge of the most incredible advances in medical technology that harnesses a blend of genetics, regenerative medicine, and Mother Nature. We are finally able to harvest these tiny little biological robots and move them to areas where we can use them instead of discarding them after birth. Regenerative medicine is simply a means to stoke the flames of those natural fires of human healing. Let us explore the steps of regeneration. Step One: When your body is injured, or cells grow old and begin to die, your system sends out SOS signals in the form of inflammation. This cascade of inflammation activates a signal of chemicals known as cytokines that cause an army of stem cells and other cellular tissues to race to the scene and suppress inflammation.
This mixture of cells is a “regenerative soup,” which is incredibly good at reducing inflammation and modulating your body’s immune response. Large amounts of growth factors, cell adhesion molecules, etc. are also present in the “regenerative soup.” If the body needs repair, tissue repair occurs. Step Two: Once on the scene of the injury or cell death, stem cells “morph” into any of the 220 different cell types. The repair process begins. What’s the secret? Is there a secret laboratory in the desert of California wherein a deep vault, scientists are developing the most potent drug ever imagined? A Drug so powerful and amazing that it can regenerate every cell in the human body? Have the most significant scientific minds finally come up with the Fountain of Youth? No! It’s not hidden in some secret location. The secret has been in plain sight for 100 years.
The secret cure is in the miraculous and amazing bodies of pregnant mothers. Within their placenta and umbilical cord tissues, those regenerative “powers” are stored just waiting to be released. Once the army of stem cells enters the fight, miracles happen. Knees and hips are repaired. Diseased, in-flamed organs are rejuvenated and regenerated. A youthful feeling returns. Life feels good again. Instead of looking at life and thinking of all the things you can’t do anymore, you can start making plans to do all the things you love to do. How about a walk down the beach, a round of golf with your friends, playing with your grandkids, or naturally preserving your precious independence and mobility?
Can I, as a healthcare provider, help my patients grow biologically younger and prolong their human youth span? What if Icould help my 70-year-old patients feel 40? Are we willing to accept that getting old and feeling bad is just part of the aging process? I am here to tell you that with the recent scientific breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, old age is optional. The human youth span can be extended 20, 30, even 40 years. Old age is reversed, and the physical decline is delayed. Joint replacement surgeries can be delayed or canceled. What if you could replace all the old worn-out joints naturally? What if you could replace damaged cells in your body with fresh young cells? Is it safe to assume that you would feel much more youthful, look much younger, act much younger? Not exactly! Literally, you would be younger. I can now offer treatment options for anyone wishing to change their lives, and the secret is in the tissues that are the products of conception.
“Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary approach to treating many degenerative diseases and injuries,” explains Kristin Comella, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer of American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence. “It is continually growing, and includes a variety of techniques, such as stem cell therapy, to harness your own body’s natu-ral healing mechanisms.” treating many degenerative diseases and injuries,” explains Kristin Comella, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer of American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence. “It is continually growing, and includes a variety of techniques, such as stem cell therapy, to harness your own body’s natural healing mechanisms.”
Now back to my story. After two years of suffering from knee pain and having to wear a knee brace just to function, I returned to see the orthopedic surgeon. Sitting in his waiting room, the office manager greeted me. She informed me that the surgeon could no longer help me because during my time of contemplation, I turned 65, and he no longer treated Medicare patients. I returned to my office to find another surgeon. It just so happened I was scheduled to attend a regenerative medicine seminar that weekend. After two days of learning about the many benefits of regenerative medicine, I decided to have adult umbilical stem cells injected into my knee. I was my first patient. I had one MRI scan before the injection, which revealed a torn meniscus, torn ACL ligament, and arthritis within the joint. Two months after my stem cell injection, I was 90-percent pain-free, and four months afterward, I was on the racquetball court without a brace. One year later, a follow-up MRI showed a healed meniscus, a healed ACL, and cartilage repair. I am pain-free and back to all my activities. No longer did I need a referral to another surgeon.
Three years later, I continue playing racquetball and have a very active, pain-free life. I have the peace of mind knowing that I will never have to have knee replacement surgery. I will continue sharing this miracle of natural healing that is safe, highly effective, and economical with all my patients.”With demonstrable safety and mounting evidence of the effectiveness of stem cell therapy for orthopedic condi-tions, potentially all orthope-dic diseases could be treated with stem cell therapy in the future.”—Dr. Shane Shapiro, Orthopedic Surgery and Center for Regenerative Medicine, Mayo Clinic.
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