The Fight Against COVID-19

Win The Battle Using Innovative Clinical Testing Solutions.

Novalink service lines include:

  1. PCR Testing
  2. COVID-19 Environmental Testing
  3. COVID-19 Clinical Testing, and more.

We are unlike any other testing solution on the market. Our customer support and accuracy and speed of delivery on testing results is unlike any other. Try us for yourself.

We offer the most accurate and the most sensitive detection of the coronavirus.



A clinical test, which is a truly all-inclusive solution with accurate, rapid results

Through our solution we are able to offer flexibility to testing facilities throughout the world by providing some or all of the necessary COVID-19 testing components from a single source. Facilities can onboard additional testing capacity more quickly, without the need to source components from multiple suppliers. Facilities can select testing devices based on their needs and size, from portable qPCR testing devices that assess up to 16 samples in 90 minutes, to large format, high capacity automated qPCR and extraction devices.

The Clinical Testing Solution utilizes RT- qPCR (Reverse Transcriptase Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) – the gold standard of COVID-19 testing.

Auto Purification method saves time and resources, allows high throughput, and standardizes methodologies used.

We will work with you to integrate into your current testing approach with the goal of providing you with a more rapid, accurate, and cost-effective testing solution elevating your offering.



Identify the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, on surfaces, in air, and water. Collect and track accurate data to mitigate the risk to employees and patrons, evaluate the health of your facilities, and make informed decisions with our COVID-19 Environmental testing solutions.

Protection and Peace of Mind for Your Customers and Employees

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The Test & Proof of Results

  • The Novel Coronavirus-19 Environmental Test™ validates the effectiveness of surface, air, and water disinfection procedures.
  • Our testing solution uses state of the art RT-qPCR technology to identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus in and on contaminated surfaces, air, and water.
  • Test results are available in about 90

As new as this virus and our testing solution is, we have validation data to prove its veracity. The Novel Coronavirus-19 Environmental Test™ has been field tested with proven results









  • A truly allinclusive Covid19 testing solution

  • Rapid Results approximately 90 minutes

  • Accurate Results with Superior Testing Method

  • Pointofcare testing

  • Readily available

  • All training and ongoing education included



We utilize proven RT-qPCR diagnostic testing technology that detects the virus’s genetic material


RTqPCR testing technology is the gold standard measurement technique for COVID19 clinical diagnosis. This technique provides the most accurate and reliable results.


RT-qPCR,COVID-19test provides results in approximately 90 minutes with unmatched accuracy.

OurRTqPCR tests detect COVID19 even when its present in extremely small quantities, such aswhen someone has been recently infected and has a relatively small viral load.


possible to make a diagnosis early on in the infection, meaning the infected go into isolation earlier to prevent passing the virus on to others.

We provide necessary supplies and equipment as well as proper training, support, and marketing materials.

Secure Your Test Kits Today

Top Doctor provides a service that allows medical practices to perform PCR COVID testing. Top Doctor provides everything required to test the patient including VTMs, shipping packages, prepaid shipping labels and reporting services. All the practice has to do is sign up for the service, purchase the test kits, and collect the specimen. Top Doctor takes care of the shipping, testing, and reporting back to the practice.




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