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93% of Practices Save Between $100,000-$300,000 in the first year.

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Our 4-Part Revenue Recovery…

Here is our 4-part approach to how we analyze your practice’s health and then create a roadmap to newly realized revenue:


The Accounts Receivable Review

The Asset Protection & Tax Savings Review

The Web & Digital Marketing Review

The Review and Brand Reputation Review


We all know that most of a practice’s lost money is left on the billing table. You went into medicine to help save people, not bill them to death. This is where we can help you and your patients. Through our expert billing coders, we can pass more off to insurance and Medicare and Medicaid for coverage. 

medical billing

We increase reimbursements by way of proper coding and billing, accounts receivable follow-up, and insurance appeals. 


Your dedicated Credentialing Manager works diligently with insurance carriers to ask for legitimate and realistic pay increases.

contract negotiations

Let us work for you and your patients in negotiating the best rates through cross-network competition.

  • Over 80% of Medical Bills Have Errors 90% 90%
  • 95-99.5% of Medicare Claims Are Never Reviewed 95% 95%
  • Only 33% of Patients Find Their Medical Bills Trustworthy 33% 33%

Cited Source for Statistical Claims

Proven Results as Reported By


Put Your Money Towards Family Vacations... Not Taxes

Let's Do It!


Learn from a next-level financial professional who specializes in high-net-worth tax strategies approved by the IRS. This consultation looks in depth at your entire operation to ensure that it is financially efficient. Discover legal ways you can save money and increase your revenue.

legally grow your wealth tax-free

Use our little-known financial vehicles to protect and grow your capital to grow even more through unheard of interest growth rates all in FDIC-secured accounts.


The reality is that we live in an unprecedented litigious time in history. You are one of the world’s top doctors (otherwise, why would you even be here) and yet even the best doctors live in fear of losing everything to even the most unassuming  patients. We have practically fool-proof ways of protecting you, your loved ones, and your most hard-earned assets.


Getting started with Top Doctor Marketing has never been easier to impact your bottom line. Our experts review four pillars that sustain your business and work with you both to save costs and to increase revenue.


stop trying to make broken things work

The reality is that what seemed to work (even if only a little), doesn’t work at all now. Cold calling. Printing pamphlets. Print ads. And even gorilla networking.

There are smarter ways that save you time while making you money. Let us show you how.


inbound attraction funnels

Start thinking of yourself and your practice as a patient-attracting machine. You are uniquely you and have a value-proposition to offer the world that literally no one else ever will be able to fill. We’re on a mission to help you find that proposition and then it’s all about positioning the proposition.

What We’ll Cover

traffic audit

Uncover bounce and breakpoints on your website with a custom audit so that we can help capture leads before they move to your competition.

digital advertising options

Discover ways to attract more attention online through SEO, Social Media, and Native or Programmatic Digital Advertising.

website audit

Recover lost traffic through optimizing your website’s performance and page speed  as well as delivering a mobile-optimized and responsive experience. 


If you are looking to grow your practice where your customers are already looking for you… online, Top Doctor Marketing can help you from concept to completion.

# 4 – Doctor Reviews and Reputation Management

Reviews matter

Reviews can make or break your practice when it comes to collecting new patients. With our next-generation software, you will be able to gather in-depth reviews from patients. This process instantly publishes their favorable reviews for you, while keeping less-than-favorable reviews away from the public eye, allowing you to address them discreetly and professionally.

What we can do about bad reviews

 This software also helps us to monitor and manage your online reputation and pivot a bad review into an opportunity as well as discredit or remove altogether illegitimate bad reviews (like from competitors) and highlight good 5-star reviews. 


Top Doctor Marketing has got serious game. They listened carefully to my marketing goals and then they crafted a meticulous “playbook,” as they call it, to deliver on those goals. I’m a couple months in now and already seeing my number of new patients growing and the community is starting to see me as one of the foremost doctors in my field in this area. 

– dr. M. Chang

It works! After struggling with reviews for years, I have finally found the best way to improve this vital area of business. Using this software helps my staff reach out to our patients directly after their visit, allowing them to record their thoughts immediately. People are more likely to leave the review, I have found if they are reminded directly after their visit, especially if that reminder is going to their phone. I could not recommend this software enough, and it has been life-changing for my practice.

– Nurse j. Jones

Whether you are just starting or have been running a practice for years, Top Doctor Magazine will be able to save you thousands of dollars. Since I decided to work with their financial professionals, I have recovered so much money that was falling through the cracks.

– Dr. P. Blackwell

I learned more in two hours from Top Doctor’s Accounts Receivable and Contract Negotiation Specialists about reimbursement rates than I did in the last two full day seminars I attended. They are truly incredible and have helped me turn my entire practice around.

– Office Manager Ms. R. Murphy

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We are Top Doctor Magazine and have been delivering practice-saving results for many years and wish to help as many doctors as we can now more than ever. YOU are frontline heroes fighting for your professions and your practices and we can help you secure your future through the four audits and offerings presented above. 

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